What does this add-on do?

This add-on allows you to create estimates and have them sent to clients via email. Clients will receive a copy of the estimate and can approve it also with a single click.

When a client approves an estimate it is automatically converted into an invoice.

How do I activate the add-on?

Activate the add-on like you would any other WordPress plugin. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Invoice Rocket Email Report and hit Activate.

Once the add-on has been activated you will see a new menu item called Estimates in the Invoice Rocket settings page.

On the front-end you will also see a new menu item called Estimates, and also in the Create menu dialogue.

What options can be set with this add-on?

The options that can be changed include:

  • The validity period for the estimate
  • Disable the warning before sending an estimate to clients
  • Include a default set of notes for all estimates

Don't warn before sending estimates

When the Don’t warn before sending estimates option is enabled, you will not be given a chance to change your mind (via an alert) before sending estimates.

It is recommended you leave this option disabled so that you have a chance to make edits to estimates before you send them.

Can the default notes be changed on individual estimates?

Yes. While creating or editing an estimate, simply click on the Estimate Notes area and you’ll be able to make edits.

Any edits you make will only apply to the estimate you are working on. This will not affect the default estimate notes.


v1.2.1 (3rd February 2019)

  • Changed ‘Reviewed’ label to ‘Viewed’ for language consistency.
  • Added print button to sidebar.

v1.2 (28th January 2019)

  • Added support for new sidebar UX.

1.1 (5th April 2018)

  • Fixed incorrect PHP operator
  • Added support for History Log add-on

1.0 (14th October 2017)

  • Initial release