Invoice Rocket Add-ons bundle

What's special about the add-ons bundle?

The add-ons bundle includes all Invoice Rocket add-ons, but a a much cheaper price than buying them all individually. Only buy this bundle if you already own Invoice Rocket but don’t have any add-ons.

Who is the add-ons bundle for?

The add-ons bundle is only for users who have already purchased Invoice Rocket without any add-ons. If you’ve bought the Invoice Rocket Complete Package then you will already have all the add-ons included (add-ons that were available at time of purchase).

Which add-ons are included?

The add-ons included are only the ones available at the time of purchase. This packages does not entitle you to any add-ons that may be created in the future.

Are all these add-ons supported?

Yes. All Rocket Apps products are supported while you have an active license.