About the System Report tool

The Invoice Rocket System Report provides information about your current WordPress and server environment and is used to assist with support enquiries. It is also a good way for you to see if there are any issues you can easily solve yourself.

For example, the report may advise that you’re running an old version of WordPress and that you need to upgrade. Or as another example, it may advise that your hosting environment does not meet the minimum requirements to run WordPress and that you should contact your hosting provider. Basically anything that is highlighted in red is a potential problem.

How to include the report when logging a support ticket

When logging a support ticket it is recommended that you copy/paste the report as the information provided can greatly reduce the time it takes to resolve your issue. Doing this will avoid any potential initial back-and-forth emails asking for information about your set-up.

To view and copy the report, log in to your instance Invoice Rocket, go to Tools -> Invoice Rocket System and click the Copy System Report button. This will copy the report to the clipboard, and now all you need to do is paste it into the System Report field when logging a support ticket.

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