Support Policy

Technical support and updates are offered for 12 months from the date of purchase, and only if you meet the minimum requirements.

What happens after my 12 months support has ended?

After your 12 month support life-cycle has ended you can continue to use Invoice Rocket without any restrictions for as long as you like, however you will not be able to receive updates to the core product or log support tickets. You will still be able to update your official add-ons, but bear in mind that they are often updated (or new add-ons are released) and may (or may not) require you to be running the latest version of Invoice Rocket.

While you can continue to use Invoice Rocket with an expired support license for as long as you like, there is no guarantee that it will continue to work without issue if you are not running the latest version. This is at your own risk.

In order to continue to receive updates and technical support after the 12 month support life-cycle has ended, and guarantee that Invoice Rocket runs properly, you will need to renew your support for another 12 months. The cost of the support renewal is the same as the cost of a single Invoice Rocket license and grants you another 12 months support and updates.

Supported Versions

Support is only offered for the latest version of Invoice Rocket. Older outdated versions will not be supported, nor will any modifications you may have made. Before logging a support ticket you will be required to confirm that you are running the latest version.

Where can I see my current support status?

There are two ways to see your support status. Either login to your client dashboard on this website, or in the theme settings page. Both will indicate your current support status.

3rd party plugins, modifications and non-standard scenarios

Technical support can not be offered under these conditions:

  • if issues occur when a 3rd party plug-ins is activated
  • to help you solve issues caused by your own modifications
  • when running Invoice Rocket as a child-theme or on a multi-site setup
  • if you don’t meet the minimum requirements
  • if an unknown outside influence is causing issues

Hosting issues

Issues related to your choice of web hosting are your own responsibility. Aside from being unrelated to Invoice Rocket, this is also a completely different field of expertise and you would be best advised to consult with your hosting provider.

Why won’t you help me with my own modifications?

While I understand the compulsion to make modifications to the theme (and that’s totally cool), opening the ‘modification support’ can of worms would literally mean I’d never have time for anything else, including important work like improving the product.

Of course if you spot a bug or some other technical issue with Invoice Rocket, no problem I’m here to help. But if you can’t get ‘Jimmy’s Fantastic WP Plugin’ to work because it has some sort of conflict with Invoice Rocket, or a modification you made to the theme or an add-on is not working as expected, then that falls outside the support policy.

It is also worth noting that as development is always ongoing, Invoice Rocket may undergo significant engineering changes and there’s no guarantee it’ll be compatible with any existing modifications you may have made.

Will you accept payment to help me solve my problem that involves 3rd party plugins, modifications or non-standard scenarios?

For the same reasons mentioned above, no.

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