Task Groups

Create and manage groups of tasks, which can be automatically added to new or existing projects.

What does this plugin do?

Task Groups allows you to create and manage groups of tasks, which can be easily included when creating a new project or updating an existing one.

For example, there are sometimes many (maybe even hundreds) of common sets of tasks associated with web development projects. Adding these one by one every time you create a new project would be painful and time consuming. With the Task Groups plugin, you create all the required tasks into a Task Group – let’s call this group ‘Web Projects’ – just once, which you can then easily include any time you create a new project.

Once this plug-in is activated, when creating a new project (front-end) you will see a new selection field where you can choose which Task Group to include.

How do I add a group of tasks to an existing project?

Navigate to the project on the front-end and select Edit this project. When the admin page has loaded, scroll down to Apply a task group, select a group, and hit the Update button.

Return to the project on the front-end, reload the page, and you will see all the tasks are now part of the project.

Note 1: There is no way to undo this action. If you accidentally applied the wrong group of tasks, you will have to manually delete them from the project.

Note 2: If you apply a task group to the same project more than once, a duplicate set of tasks will be created for it. Ideally you only want to apply a task group to a project once.

Note 3: Applying a task group to a project will only include whatever tasks were in that group at the time.

How do I activate the plugin?

Activate the add-on like you would any other WordPress plugin. Go to Plugins -> Installed Plugins -> Task Rocket Task Groups and hit the Activate link.

Once the add-on has been activated, you will see a new tab WordPress admin called Task Groups.

How do I manage Task Groups

Task Groups are managed from the Wordpesss back-end. Hit the Task Groups menu item in the left sidebar and start adding tasks to groups.

It works as a simple two level hierarchy, where the parent is the name of the Task Group and the children are the tasks in that group.


Is there a limit on how many Task Groups I can create?

The Task Group add-on does not impose any limits on how many task groups you can create, or how many tasks you place into a group.

I've activated the add-on but it doesn't seem to show anywhere

If this is the case, the most likely cause is that you are not running at least Task Rocket 2.5. Upgrade and you should be good to go.

I don't see any Task Groups on the front-end when I go to create a project

This simply means you haven’t created any Task Groups yet. Go to WordPress admin, click on Task Groups and start creating groups of tasks.

Is the price of this plugin once only or per year?

That’s up to you.

12 months after initial purchase you will have the option to renew your support license, but you don’t have to.

If you decide not to renew your license after 12 months, your product will continue to work as expected without any restriction, but it simply will not be able to receive updates or be entitled to support.


v3.7.1 (28th November 2020)

  • Fixed license check performance issue.

v3.7 (29th September 2020)

  • Added option to change ownership of tasks created from a Task Group.

v3.6 (19th July 2020)

  • Added ability to apply a task group to any existing project.

v3.5.1 (31st August 2019)

  • Rocket Apps plugin manager support.

v3.5 (20th July 2019)

  • Added license scripts.

v3.4.6 (31st March 2019)

v3.4.5 (22nd February 2018)

  • Task Rocket 4.8 compatibility.

v3.4.4 (9th September 2017)

  • Fixed issue where author metabox had stopped working.

v3.4.3 (12th August 2017)

  • Dutch translation.

v3.4.2 (13th May 2017)

  • Removed unnecessary JS from front-end.

v3.4.1 (8th April 2017)

  • German translation.

v3.4 (11th December 2016)

  • Portuguese translation.

v3.3.4 (1st October 2016)

  • French language update.

v3.3.3 (31st July 2016)

  • Catalan translation updates.

v3.3.1 (16th July 2016)

  • Catalan translation.

v3.3 (14th July 2016)

  • Spanish translation.

V3.2 (9th July 2016)

  • Translation ready.

V3.1 (2nd April 2016)

  • Added ability for Task Group tasks to have no owner.

V3 (27th March 2015)

  • Compatibility check for Task Rocket version 3.

V0.1a (19th October 2015)

  • Initial release.