WooCommerce To Invoice Rocket Income

Automatically push order details from WooCommerce to Invoice Rocket Income.

What does WooCommerce To Invoice Rocket Income do?

WooCommerce To Invoice Rocket Income automatically pushes order details from your WooCommerce store to your Invoice Rocket WordPress site as Other Income.

What are the requirements?

You will need:

  • A Woocommerce website with the WooCommerce To Invoice Rocket Income plugin activated
  • A website with Invoice Rocket (free) theme activated
  • The Other Income plugin (v1.4 or higher) activated on your Invoice Rocket website
  • The Application Passwords plugin (free) activated on your Invoice Rocket website
  • About 10 minutes for setup and configuration

Installation and configuration

Install the WooCommerce To Invoice Rocket Income plugin on your WooCommerce website

Once you have logged in and downloaded woocommerce-to-invoice-rocket-income.zip, there are a couple of ways you can install the plugin.

  1. FTP
    Unzip the woocommerce-to-invoice-rocket-income.zip file you downloaded, then, using an FTP client, upload the woocommerce-to-invoice-rocket-income folder into the wp-content/plugins directory. Then go to the plugins page and activate the plugin.
  2. WordPress upload interface
    Login to WordPress admin, go to Plugins -> Add New and then click the Upload Plugin button. Then browse for the woocommerce-to-invoice-rocket-income.zip file you downloaded and follow the remaining on-screen steps.

Install the Invoice Rocket Other Income plugin on your Invoice Rocket website

Follow the same instructions as above, substituting for the Invoice Rocket Other Income plugin of course.

Install the Application Passwords plugin on your Invoice Rocket website

Login to your Invoice Rocket website, go to Plugins -> Add New and search for Applications Passwords (by George Stephanis). Install and activate the plugin.

Configure Applications Password

  • Login to Invoice Rocket
  • Go to Users and select a user you want to use for authentication. Ideally this will be a user with the Agent role, but it can be an administrator if you prefer.
  • Scroll down to Application Passwords and type in an app name into the New Application Password Name field. This name is only used as a label. Naming it something like ‘woo orders’ is just fine.
  • Click Add New and you will be presented with your password.

Note 1: Make a note of the username of this account and also store this password somewhere, as it’s the only opportunity you will get to see it.

Note 2: The password will be shown with spaces only to make it easier to read. When we use the password later in this guide, the spaces need to be removed.

Configure Invoice Rocket Other Income

  • Go to Invoice Rocket settings and click on Other Income.
  • Enable the Receive external orders from another website option
  • Click the Save Settings button

Configure WooCommerce To Invoice Rocket Income

  • Login to your WooCommerce website.
  • Click on Woo to IR Income in the left nav.
  • Fill in the following fields and options:
  • Invoice Rocket URL: The URL of your your Invoice Rocket website.
  • Authentication: The username and application password you created earlier.
  • Author ID: Because posts created in WordPress require they be owned by a user (author), you need to specify the ID of an Invoice Rocket user here. You can find the user ID in Invoice Rocket by clicking on Users, select a user, and then look for the ID in the URL.
  • Multiple product label: When the order pushed from your WooCommerce store contains more than one item, the Other Income description field needs to say something suitable. It could be ‘Multiple Items’ or ‘Multiple Products’ for example.
  • Category ID: The data pushed to Invoice Rocket from your WooCommerce website will create posts that need to belong to a suitable category. Ideally the category could be ‘Woo Sales’ or something similar. To find the ID of the category, login to your Invoice Rocket website, go to Other Income -> Income Category in the left nav, click on a category, and then look for the ID in the URL. If you don’t have any categories, it is recommended you create one specifically for WooCommerce orders. Perhaps name is ‘Woo Sales’ or something like that.
  • Order total preference: Choose how you would like the total to be recorded in Invoice Rocket.
  • Payment gateway merchant fees: This is optional and only required if you chose ‘Less the payment gateway transaction fee’ as your Order total preference. Payment gateway providers typically charge a percentage of each sale, or a fixed fee, or both. If you know the details that your payment gateway provider charges, fill in these details. Otherwise you’ll need to find out what they are. As an example, if Paypal charges you 3.9% of the total for every sale and a 30 cent transaction fee, then you would enter 3.9 (Percent of total) and .3 (Fixed fee) respectively.
  • Debugging: This is only used in an instance where you are having drama getting things to work. Debugging info will be emailed to the specified recipient.
  • Click the Save Settings button.

You’re now ready to test.

Hit the Test Connection button and if everything was configured correctly, you should see this message:

If the test fails, double check your Invoice Rocket URL and Authentication credentials. If you are still having problems, log a support ticket and we’ll work it out.

What happens now?

Every time a sale occurs on your WooCommerce website, the sales data is also created as Other Income on your Invoice Rocket website. A typical order pushed to Invoice Rocket looks something like this:

The connection test keeps failing. What can I do?

Here are some possible reasons the connection test might fail.

  • You username and password are incorrect
  • You may have a security plugin running on your Invoice Rocket website that has been configured to block access to the REST API
  • You may not be running the latest version of Other Income (v1.4 or higher is required)
  • You may not have enabled the Receive external orders from another website option in Invoice Rocket settings -> Other Income

If you are still having trouble, please log a support ticket.

How many websites can I use WooCommerce To Invoice Rocket Income on?

A single site license allows WooCommerce To Invoice Rocket Income to be used on a single domain, although you can purchase a multiple site license if desired.

Is the price of this plugin once only or per year?

That’s up to you.

12 months after initial purchase you will have the option to renew your support license, but you don’t have to.

If you decide not to renew your license after 12 months, your product will continue to work as expected without any restriction, but it simply will not be able to receive updates or be entitled to support.


v1.1.0 (5th December 2020)

  • Minor text edits.

v1.0.1 (27th November 2020)

  • Fixed license check performance issue.

v1.0 (20th April 2020)

  • Initial release.