Can I contract you to do some custom work for Task Rocket?

Update: Please be aware that at this current time due to prioritised workloads, contract work requests on any Rocket Apps product will not be possible.

I’ve already built a few custom features for customers who needed something in particular, some of which have been rolled into the product since.

So the answer is: Yes, no, maybe.

There are some caveats you need to be aware of:

  • I can’t promise I will take on every custom contact work requested. Sometimes it’s just way to big and I wouldn’t be able to find the time, or it could be the feature can’t be made to work in Task Rocket without significant core engineering modifications.
  • There’s no guarantee that any customisation I do for you will be compatible with future versions of Task Rocket, and if the customisation eventually stops working I won’t necessarily be available to be contracted to fix it.
  • I won’t entertain modifications that essentially turn Task Rocket into a completely different product just for your specific needs. It’s a project management tool, not a ticketing system for example, and so I won’t try to hack it into something it is not.
  • I’m a one man army and often my availability is limited (I’m always working on something), and any ETA I provide for your customisation might not suit you.
  • Unless it’s a sensitive feature specific to your proprietary business needs, I reserve the right to merge whatever I build for you into future versions of Task Rocket so that everyone will have access to the new feature(s).

But generally speaking if it’s a feature that would obviously benefit the product overall for everyone instead of an edge case requirement unique to your specific set-up, and it’s not a massive engineering undertaking or something that will require significant core changes, there’s a chance I can help.

Just send me a message and we can start a discussion.

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