Email notifications are not arriving

This could be your ISP or server being too sensitive with the spam filter. Task Rocket notifications are sent in HTML format but don’t contain anything out of the ordinary (text in a table) so for 99% of people there should not be any problems.

If you’re having problems, Task Rocket includes the option to have email notifications sent as plain text just in case server side email spam filter tweaking isn’t possible. In WordPress admin just go to Task Rocket  -> Options, tick the Plain email notifications checkbox and hit the Save Settings button.

Alternatively, here are some other things to try:

1) Disable all 3rd party plugins and see if notifications start working. If they do, then one of the plugins is conflicting.

2) Install a email logging plugin like Email Log (there are others). It logs every email notification sent through WordPress. If you see emails getting logged but you don’t receive any emails, then you know Task Rocket is sending emails but something else is either:

a) stopping them from sending
b) stopping them from arriving

3) You could use an email transactional email service such as Sendgrid with the official WP plugin. A transactional email service will handle the delivery of your email notifications instead of the wp_mail() function. Mailgun is another service you might prefer. Many of these services have free tiers as long as you keep the notification emails down to a few thousand per month.

4) This one is obvious but it’s worth mentioning: go to Task Rocket settings -> Notifications and make sure No email notifications is not ticked.

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