How can I give clients limited access?

The dedicated client dashboard can be viewed by your client(s) and provides a basic overview of the project progress. It’s a read-only view that does not allow any interaction.

To give a client access, follow these steps.

  • Login to the WordPress back-end
  • Create a new user (or edit an existing user)
  • Change the role to Client
  • Optionally tick theĀ Send Password checkbox
  • Click the Add New User button
  • Under the Client Access heading, choose a project from the selection field. This will be the project the client can view.

The client will be able to access the dashboard at the same address as you use to access Task Rocket, but their role type will only allow them to see the client dashboard.

Note 1: Only one client can be added to any given project.
Note 2: This is the default client dashboard. To allow clients to actually participate in projects instead of just viewing the one project, use the Client Control extension.


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