How can I make a task private?

Only administrators can set tasks to private and/or own a private task. If an administrator assigns a private task to a non-administrator, the privacy setting will be automatically revoked making the task visible to everyone.

To make a task private, just hit the Private checkbox when you create or edit a task.

How private tasks are seen on the front-end

If you are logged in as an administrator, details of all private tasks are visible to all administrators. But to non-administrators, private tasks still appear in the project list but with the details obfuscated:


How an administrator sees private tasks:


If a non-administrator was somehow given a private task URL, they would be be denied access to it. Only administrators can see private tasks.

Why are private tasks, even while obfuscated, visible at all on the front-end?

This was a deliberate design choice. It’s important that project contributors know there are still tasks to be completed on any given project, even if they don’t know what that particular (private) task is.

To further illustrate, it would be confusing if private tasks were invisible on the front-end in a scenario when all tasks appear to have been completed, but the project is not at 100% and is also reporting that there are still outstanding tasks.

By keeping the private task visible with its details obfuscated, project contributors can see how many remaining tasks there really are.

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