How do I allow users to only see their own projects in the main nav?

Go to Task Rocket settings -> User Settings and enable the option Only show the users projects in the navigation.

Important notes about this option

This option is purely used to de-clutter the menu for users. As an example, if there are 50 projects in the organisation, and User A is only involved with a couple of them, it’d be painful for User A to have to visually scan all 50 projects in the menu. Ideally, only their own projects are visible in the menu.

So when this option is enabled, users will only see projects they are involved with in the main navigation.

Caveat 1

However, if User A was to send a link to a task or project that User B is not involved with, User B will still be able to access that task/project (the Task would be in a read-only state of course, because User A owns the task).

This was a deliberate development choice, with the theory being that there may be cases where you’d like User B to view one of your tasks in a project they are not involved with. You may want to do this because you need assistance or input with the task (User B can comment on the task too), or perhaps you’d like to give User B the opportunity to view the task before re-assigning it to them.

Caveat 2

As per above, users will still be able to find/access tasks and projects using the search tool.

Note: If you are logged in as an administrator, you will always see all projects on the front-end.

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