How do I migrate from my old project management system?

If migrating from another project management system, you may be able to import your existing projects and tasks into Task Rocket.

The ideal workflow would be:

  • Set up user accounts in Task Rocket
  • Export tasks from old project management system to a CSV
  • Import tasks into Task Rocket from the CSV

In order to be able to do this you’ll need a few things:

Your existing project management system will likely not match up all the necessary fields exactly to Task Rocket, but some will be close.

Task Rocket will allow the following fields for Tasks in your CSV some of which are mandatory, so you’ll need to use your best judgement to decide which fields in your CSV closest match these:

  • post_title (the name of the task (text) – mandatory)
  • startdate (start date: DD-MM-YYYY (text))
  • duedate (due date: DD-MM-YYYY (text))
  • minfo (additional information about the task (text))
  • priority (options: low, normal, high or urgent (text))
  • private (options: yes or no (text) – mandatory)
  • tr_status (options: complete, incomplete, inprogress or onhold (text) – mandatory)
  • relation (options: is_blocked_by, is_similar_to, has_issues_with or relates_to (text))
  • related (a task ID (integer))
  • elaboration (describe how this task is related to another (text))
  • job_number_task (job number (text))
  • logtime (time logged for this task (integer))
  • post_status (options: publish or trash (text) – mandatory)
  • post_author (the ID of the intended user/task owner (integer) – mandatory)
  • category (the project name (text) – mandatory)

Use the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin and follow the prompts for importing your CSV, matching up your columns headers with any of the ones noted above.


  • Backup your existing database first just in case.
  • Before importing your CSV create a sample task first. This will allow the Ultimate CSV Importer plugin to find the custom field names so you don’t have to manually add them.
  • Try to avoid having HTML in your CSV (the presentation may look broken on the front-end after the import).
  • If using a spreadsheet app such as MS Excel for example and you need to change the date format, read this. But be aware that sometimes after you change the date format and save the CSV, when you re-open it later the date format may revert back to what it was before (very annoying).


Although this should work fine, it is not officially covered by the support policy and is strictly an ‘attempt at your own discretion’ scenario. This information is provided to give you a head start in case you want to go down this path.

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