How do I schedule a task?

While there isn’t a front-end feature built into Task Rocket to handle scheduled tasks or recurring tasks, you can use the built in scheduler in WordPress admin for this purpose.

In WordPress admin go to Tasks -> Add New Task to create a task (and change the author to who you want the task owner to be). Now in the Publish panel next to Publish immediately click Edit. Change the date to when you’d like this task to become active.


Tip: Any sort of automation in WordPress relies on the notoriously unreliable wp_cron() function. It works by triggering scheduled events (such as scheduling a task for example) only when there is activity on your website. If there is no activity on your website, the wp_cron() function will not trigger and therefore any scheduled tasks will not run.

When there is eventually activity on your website, any tasks that were scheduled will run then.

Pro tip: You can get around this limitation by using a free web pinging service, like this one. Set it hit your website every 5 minutes and it will be treated as a visit every 5 minutes, and your scheduled tasks will then run.

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