Sometimes the document preview shows an error

The document preview relies on the Google viewer API, and as such is limited to the formats it supports. But for reasons probably only known to Google, sometimes a supported file type will not work when previewed (usually when there is some complexity contained within the file, such as macros in an XLSX file for example).

In this situation you’re only option is to download the file and open it instead.

At the moment although the Google viewer API can allegedly preview many file types, document previews in Task Rocket are limited to a few common types (DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, XLSX and XLS) that are known to work reasonably reliably to avoid a sub-par experience. The list of supported file types will be expanded in the future as I learn more about the inconsistent behaviour.

The document viewer is only available in Task Rocket 4.7.4 and higher.

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