Task Rocket Changelog

v4.9.9.57 (13th September 2020)

  1. Fixed translation string issue when printing a report.

v4.9.9.56 (27th August 2020)

  1. Fixed issue where hours allocated value was not being treated as 0 when creating/editing a project.

v4.9.9.55 (26th August 2020)

  1. Retain original attachment ownership when reassigning a task.
  2. Minor iconography update.

v4.9.9.54 (25th August 2020)

  1. Fixed issue where client could not assign task to other user.
  2. Changed admin icon.
  3. Minified admin CSS.

v4.9.9.53 (19th July 2020)

  1. Minor tweak to allow support for Task Groups v3.6.

v4.9.9.52 (16th July 2020)

  1. Allow attaching .dwg files to tasks.

v4.9.9.51 (14th July 2020)

  1. Fixed minor report printing issue.

v4.9.9.5 (14th July 2020)

  1. Brazilian Portuguese translation update.

v4.9.9.4 (8th July 2020)

  1. Tasks can now be flagged as milestones.
  2. Presentation tweaks.

v4.9.9.32 (8th July 2020)

  1. Minor presentation tweak.
  2. Updated translation credits.

v4.9.9.31 (25th June 2020)

  1. Fixed password reset presentation issue.
  2. Tweaked login screen presentation.

v4.9.9.3 (19th June 2020)

  1. Improved UX (secondary navigation).
  2. Fixed incorrect comment count issue.
  3. Fixed missing plugin link in settings Presentation tab.
  4. Minor code refactoring.

v4.9.9.2 (6th June 2020)

  1. Fixed issue that caused task update to fail on PHP 7.3.
  2. Login page presentation tweaks for admin email confirmation.

v4.9.9.1 (25th May 2020)

  1. Fixed issue that was preventing translation from working.
  2. Added updated Spanish translation.

v4.9.9 (23rd May 2020)

  1. Fixed Client Control bugs.
  2. Fixed issue that caused the welcome UI to keep returning after being dismissed.
  3. Fixed arrow icon 404 error.
  4. Gravatar URL changed to HTTPS.

v4.9.8 (21st May 2020)

  1. Fixed issues related to plugin detection.

v4.9.7 (14th May 2020)

  1. Fixed issue that caused error with Comment Notify plugin.

v4.9.6 (2nd May 2020)

  1. Improved security on files in /includes/ directory.

v4.9.5 (4th January 2020)

  1. Fixed issue where initial welcome screen could not be permanently dismissed.

v4.9.4 (2nd January 2020)

  1. Fixed login admin email confirmation presentation since WP 5.3.2.
  2. Fixed broken theme version details link in admin.

v4.9.3 (27th July 2019)

  1. Fixed critical bug that caused WSOD.
  2. Fixed issue that caused settings tabs to stop responding when Gantt plugin is activated.

v4.9.2 (20th July 2019)

  1. Removed license scripts.

v4.9.1 (2nd August 2019)

  1. Fixed issues that prevented some plugins from functioning properly.

v4.9 (20th July 2019)

  1. Removed license scripts.

v4.8.5 (31st March 2019)

  1. French translation update (thanks to Nicolas Rigaux).
  2. Fixed missing translation strings.

v4.8.4 (14th February 2019)

  1. Support license renewal helper.

v4.8.3 (14th October 2018)

  1. Added ‘unactivated’ indicator on users page.
  2. Minor presentation improvement in tasks list on project pages (focus task on click).
  3. Fixed misaligned filter nav on report page.

v4.8.2 (17th May 2018)

  1. Fixed non-numeric value issue when editing single task in PHP7 environment.

v4.8.1 (3rd May 2018)

  1. Improved print presentation.
  2. Fixed incorrect project count issue.
  3. Fixed user project count issue when user is not in any projects.
  4. Fixed issue where project count would not increment by 1 immediatly after creating a new project.
  5. Fixed rare issue when uploading user avatar.
  6. Tweaked UI on email report dialogue.
  7. Added new do_action (top_icons_end).
  8. Removed stray ‘v’ character from project details pane.

v4.8 (22nd February 2018)

  1. Added Russian (ru) language (thanks Natasha Bishop!).
  2. Fixed issue where attachment would not show on tasks in admin.
  3. Fixed hambuger nav issue.
  4. Added some do_actions for improved developer hook-ability (docs to come later).
  5. Added ability to remove logged time from tasks by using negative values.
  6. Added support for impending Multi Task extension.
  7. Added new setting: Redirect to front-end after login.
  8. Changed logo to fit in with new Rocket Apps parent brand.
  9. Major presentation update of top navigation.
  10. Task view now shows task instigator.
  11. Removed fancy tool-tip script and option.
  12. Smoother menu animations on mobile devices.
  13. Fixed some minor malformed markup.
  14. PHP7 error fixes.
  15. Removed dashboard RSS feed.

v4.7.9 (9th September 2017)

  1. Fixed issue where task relations would appear in Task Groups.
  2. Admin presentation fix.
  3. Improved monospace font support.

v4.7.8 (12th August 2017)

  1. Dutch Translation.
  2. Fixed missing translation strings.

v4.7.7 (15th July 2017)

  1. Fixed image attachment issue caused by accented characters in filenames.
  2. Fixed broken translation string.
  3. Added max height to search projects list to prevent potential issue of not being able to see all projects.

v4.7.6 (5th June 2017)

  1. Significantly improved project archive handling UX.
  2. New presentation option for natural order of pages.

v4.7.5 (20th May 2017)

  1. Fixed issue where XLXS file extensions would not be recognised.

v4.7.4 (13th May 2017)

  1. New option: Preview documents.
  2. Fixed issue where project due date did not show in report.
  3. Fixed repeating JS error with datepicker.
  4. Fixed issue where today’s date did not honour WP timezone setting.

v4.7.3 (17th April 2017)

  1. Fixed broken layout issue when disabling Task Relations.
  2. Removed logo from welcome modal.

v4.7.2 (8th April 2017)

  1. German translation.
  2. Hourly rate now allows .5 increments.
  3. Custom logo on login page now honours aspect ratio on small screens.
  4. Title attribute on Pages icon now honours label.

v4.7.1 (11th March 2017)

  1. Overdue tasks that are complete no longer show a warning.

v4.7 (4th March 2017)

  1. Specify unique hourly rates on projects.
  2. Toggle to show/hide completed projects in nav.
  3. Specify task relationships.
  4. New admin setting: Disable task relations.
  5. Cache buster on main style sheet.
  6. New status column on My Tasks page.
  7. Better font rendering with fonts now being served from Google CDN (with Latin extended support).
  8. Pages pane now remembers view state when open.
  9. Filter report tasks by user.
  10. Dedicated page for claiming unowned tasks.
  11. Consistent cost rounding to two decimal places.
  12. Recent comments moved into left pane.
  13. More obvious feedback when a task is overdue.
  14. First draft Polish language translation (theme only).
  15. Catalan translation updates.
  16. Presentation tweaks.
  17. Print style improvements.
  18. Minor UX improvements.
  19. Fixed issue where front-end presentation preferences were not honoured consistently on all pages.
  20. Fixed rare fatal error on mini chart.
  21. Fixed issue where filter view state was not being honoured.
  22. Fixed malformed HTML on welcome modals.
  23. Fixed recent comments issue on dashboard.
  24. Fixed mini chart presentation issue on small screens.
  25. Fixed modal toggle issue when creating new task from project page.
  26. Fixed incorrect outstanding tasks count on report.
  27. Fixed bug where incorrect task status would show in notifications.
  28. Fixed bug where ‘Completed’ column in email report was empty.
  29. Removed ‘welcome to’ from login page.
  30. Added chrome extension advice on welcome modals.

v4.6 (27th December 2016)

  1. Fixed search results 500 error when running on PHP7.
  2. Specify a path to a custom login style sheet.
  3. Login logo no longer constrained to square aspect ratio.
  4. Admin functions are now in a separate file.

v4.5.3 (11th December 2016)

  1. Portuguese translation.

v4.5.2 (1st October 2016)

  1. French language update.

v4.5.1 (29th September 2016)

  1. Fixed missing on-screen notification when adding new task on project page.

v4.5 (27th September 2016)

  1. Fixed issue where main nav tasks and minibar counts would zero after a search query.
  2. Fixed ‘only show files’ filter on search results page.
  3. Added state toggle for ‘My projects’ on dashboard.
  4. Added support for ‘Task Follows’ extension.
  5. Archived projects no longer appear in search filter.
  6. Minor UX enhancements.
  7. New presentation setting: Shadowy effects.
  8. Swedish translation.
  9. Presentation tweaks.

v4.4.6 (21st September 2016)

  1. Improved ‘My projects’ dashboard widget.
  2. Fixed ‘More info/Less info’ text change issue.
  3. Fixed broken redirect when deleting task from task page.
  4. Fixed blurry text on some elements.
  5. Fixed front-end issue where you could not move task into empty project.

v4.4.5 (10th September 2016)

  1. New setting: Show archived projects.
  2. Corrected email notification subject when a task is edited.
  3. Minor iconography updates.

v4.4.4 (4th September 2016)

  1. Archived projects no longer show in drop-down when editing a task.
  2. Added status legend into email report.
  3. Minor presentation tweaks.

v4.4.3 (30th August 2016)

  1. Completed tasks no longer indicate when overdue.
  2. Admin settings interface tweaks.

v4.4.2 (28th August 2016)

  1. Added support for Kanban board extension.
  2. Minor presentation fixes.

v4.4.1 (16th August 2016)

  1. Fixed broken condition where Project Manager would not get notification of project creation.

v4.4 (16th August 2016)

  1. Notification is now sent to Project Manager and users involved in newly created projects.
  2. Fixed incorrect action button title attribute on completed tasks.
  3. Fixed print presentation issue.
  4. Fixed issue where you couldn’t interact with tasks on ‘My Tasks’ page.
  5. Fixed issue where default logo would not show on initial theme activation.
  6. Clients ‘My Active Tasks’ and ‘My Completed Tasks’ tabs only show if there is a respective task.
  7. Previous owner of task now visible in task lists.
  8. Fixed presentation glitch and improved All Active Projects page.
  9. Minor database query update.
  10. A few presentation tweaks.
  11. A few UI/UX tweaks.

v4.3.7 (2nd August 2016)

  1. Fixed job number inception issue.

v4.3.6 (31st July 2016)

  1. Project Managers can now edit any task in projects they manage.
  2. Catalan translation updates.

v4.3.5 (28th July 2016)

  1. Fixed issue where deleting task was not possible from the task page.

v4.3.4 (26th July 2016)

  1. New setting: Archive projects from the front-end.
  2. Limit comment length on dashboard.

v4.3.3 (24th July 2016)

  1. Spanish translation.

v4.3.2 (19th July 2016)

  1. Fixed client notification issue.
  2. Added in new logo.

v4.3.1 (16th July 2016)

  1. Catalan translation.
  2. Minor presentation fixes for mobile devices.

v4.3 (14th July 2016)

  1. Fixed issue where project details pane links would break if project name contained quotes.

v4.2 (11th July 2016)

  1. Fixed ‘Call to undefined function is_plugin_active’ issue.

v4.1 (11th July 2016)

  1. Fixed notification issue.

v4.0 (9th July 2016)

  1. Task statuses (complete, incomplete, in progress and on hold).
  2. Theme is now translation ready.
  3. Search now returns results with queries based on project names and job numbers.
  4. Significantly improved notification options.
  5. Fixed issue of automatic job numbers not working when creating a new project in the back-end.
  6. Fixed issue where the unassigned label was not displaying.
  7. Fixed issue where WP 4.5 update broke the admin date-picker when editing a project.
  8. Fixed issue of incorrect cost being displayed for some projects on All Active Projects page.
  9. Fixed wrong date on recent comments on dashboard.
  10. Fixed issue where email notifications were saying a public task was private.
  11. Fixed issue where priority radio button was not showing current priority on task page.
  12. Fixed presentation issue on dashboard message for small screens.
  13. Fixed previous owner logic issue.
  14. Fixed issue where user profile would not load into pane.
  15. Fixed issue were extension version detection was only working when license was activated.
  16. Fixed issue where some details would not get saved when creating project on front-end.
  17. Fixed typos.
  18. Removed ‘Show team activity on dashboard’ option (may come back at a later date).
  19. Deleting a project will now move any associated tasks into the trash (which can be restored in WP Admin).
  20. Removed several presentation settings and made them user preferences instead.
  21. Users can now set new preferences when editing their account.
  22. Projects page now indicates how many tasks are in progress.
  23. You can now delete a task on the front-end (which can be restored in WP Admin).
  24. You can now add comments to and interact with completed tasks.
  25. You can now take ownership of un-owned tasks with a single click.
  26. Projects can now be archived (instead of just deleting them).
  27. Added support for Gantt extension.
  28. Added support for Comment Notify extension.
  29. Added recent comments on dashboard.
  30. New setting to specify how often WordPress will empty the trash.
  31. New setting to let project managers change the status of any task.
  32. Main projects navigation pane header changed to ‘Projects’ (was previously the website name).
  33. Task Rocket RSS feed dashboard widget in admin.
  34. Improved notification in admin when extension is incompatible with current theme version.
  35. Added new filters to report: On Hold, In Progress.
  36. Removed ‘github’ field from user profile (too industry specific).
  37. Several bugs squashed.
  38. Minor UX/UI tweaks and enhancements.

v3.6 (May 25 2016)

  1. Fixed issue where email notifications were reporting a public task as private.

v3.5 (May 11 2016)

  1. Fixed issue of incorrect cost being displayed for some projects on All Active Projects page.

v3.4 (April 16 2016)

  1. Fixed admin performance issue.
  2. Fixed automatic job numbers issue on New Tasks and New Projects.
  3. Job number now visible on Project page (if it has one).
  4. Fixed error on attachments in unowned tasks.

v3.3 (April 13 2016)

  1. Fixed issue where some project details were not being saved from the front-end.

v3.2 (April 13 2016)

  1. Back-end performance improvements (more to come).
  2. Fixed issue where account page would blank after update.
  3. Fixed issue where account fields were not being saved.
  4. Fixed issue where WP 4.5 update broke the login page presentation.

v3.1 (April 8 2016)

  1. Significant performance increase.
  2. Fixed issue where downloaded zips were being saved in the theme directory.
  3. Fixed critical issue where updates would fail.
  4. Admin Task Rocket settings tweaks.

v3.0 (March 27 2016)

  1. New setting: Rename the ‘Unassigned’ label.
  2. New setting: Disable file uploads.
  3. New setting: Enable a warning on Tasks and Project pages (prevents accidentally losing form field details before submitting).
  4. New setting: Show team activity on dashboard.
  5. New setting: Show recent comments on dashboard.
  6. New setting: Disable the welcome screen for new users.
  7. New setting: Disable loading animation between page loads.
  8. New setting: Show recently added pages on the dashboard.
  9. New setting: Also send email notifications to the website administrator email address.
  10. New setting: Automatic job numbers.
  11. New setting: Job numbers prefixes.
  12. New setting: Show x many results per page when viewing the ‘My Tasks’ page.
  13. New setting: Upload a logo (will be shown on login page and welcome dialogue).
  14. New setting: Disable fancy tooltips.
  15. Vastly improved UI/UX.
  16. Users can upload a photo (instead of relying on the Gravatar service).
  17. Mini-chart shows more project data.
  18. Improved reporting experience.
  19. View a report for a single project.
  20. Download all project attachments in a zip file with a single click.
  21. Download all task attachments in a zip file with a single click.
  22. Email a report.
  23. Date format now honoured by WordPress setting.
  24. New dashboard chart shows your task priority splits.
  25. Improved Date Picker UI.
  26. Email notification ‘From’ name is no longer forced to ‘Task Rocket’.
  27. Add a job number to tasks (Automatic or manual setting).
  28. Add a job number to projects (Automatic or manual setting).
  29. Updated thickbox function.
  30. You can now set start and end dates on a tasks.
  31. Users page now shows the task count and a link to profile of any clients.
  32. Clients can now update their own details.
  33. New dedicated page to view all yours tasks.
  34. View all tasks owned by a particular user.
  35. Added loading animation between page loads (can be disabled in settings).
  36. New toggle switch on main project page for simple view.
  37. New filter to limit search results to attachments only.
  38. Email notifications now contain all task data.
  39. Improved email notification presentation.
  40. Dashboard message can now be accessed from anywhere.
  41. Attachments now show who uploaded them and when.
  42. Small icon to indicate which attachments were uploaded by a client.
  43. Welcome dialogue now honours the website name (instead of “Task Rocket”).
  44. Login page redesigned, also shows a welcome message that reflects the website name.
  45. Users can take possession of tasks that have no owner.
  46. Theme activation is now required in order to receive support and updates.
  47. Fixed issue where wrong joined date was being shown on user profiles.
  48. Fixed broken welcome screen URL for administrators.
  49. Fixed issue where password reset emails did not contain reset link.
  50. Fixed JS conflict on users page.
  51. Fixed redirect loop bug for when using a non-standard login URL.
  52. Fixed typo on welcome screen.
  53. Fixed bug that was causing the tasks filter in WP admin to not return correct number of results.
  54. Fixed issue where project manager would not get email notification when a task is updated.
  55. Fixed issue where reassigned task email notification sent to client had incorrect link to the task.
  56. Fixed ‘function name must be a string’ error that occurred under rare condition.
  57. Removed ‘Alternative page list presentation’ setting.
  58. Removed ‘Pages navigation as a drop-down’ setting.
  59. Removed ‘Show version number on front-end’ setting.
  60. Removed ‘Display the date’ setting (date is always shown).
  61. Removed ‘Disable enhanced overview setting.
  62. Removed ‘Vividness’ setting.
  63. Removed ‘Show gravatars’ setting (gravatars are now honoured when using the built-in WordPress discussion setting).
  64. Removed ‘Comments to the right’ option.
  65. Removed ‘Show projects on dashboard’ option.
  66. Removed ‘Enable file icons’ option.
  67. Removed ‘Toggle attachments view’ option.
  68. Removed ‘Show users in report’ option (now always on).
  69. Removed ‘Show completed tasks in report’ option (now always on).
  70. Removed legacy ‘support’ and ‘report’ pages that are no longer required.
  71. Removed ‘Dashboard’ from pages nav.
  72. Removed ‘Extend Task Rocket’ admin dashboard widget.
  73. Removed ‘Administrators mark tasks as complete’ option (now always allowed).

v2.7.6 (25th February 2016)

  1. Fixed issue where reassigned task email notification sent to client had incorrect link to the task.

v2.7.5 (26th December 2015)

  1. Fixed nickname issue when updating account details on the front-end.

v2.7.4 (29th November 2015)

  1. Attachments now show in search results.
  2. Image attachments can be downloaded (instead of opening in tab) by hitting the file name.
  3. Minor presentation tweaks.

v2.7.3 (22nd November 2015)

  1. Improved pages navigation, includes new options, hierarchy and collapsible children.
  2. Admin interface now highlights any new settings.
  3. Added cache buster (query string method based on theme version number).
  4. Minor presentation tweaks.

v2.7.2 (16th November 2015)

  1. Added new field in settings to allow custom JavaScript.
  2. Fixed small presentation issue when taskID option is enabled.
  3. Implemented new update process.
  4. License restrictions removed.

v2.7.1 (31st October 2015)

  1. Fixed issue where the maintenance action would show a “sufficient permissions” message.
  2. Fixed small presentation issue with comments box.
  3. Changed tick icon image colour to match new green.
  4. Cleaned up unused image assets.
  5. Version number on front-end now shown at top left (when option is enabled).
  6. Further image compression.
  7. Presentation tweaks.

v2.7 (29th October 2015)

  1. Reassigned tasks now show who the previous owner was.
  2. Completed tasks now show date completed.
  3. Reports now show the date tasks were completed.
  4. Tasks now show number of attached files.
  5. New setting to have attachments shown or hidden by default.
  6. Added presentation setting for increasing UI vividness.
  7. Added new option to have unowned tasks.
  8. Improved colour distinction between low and normal priority.
  9. Fixed logic bug where project cost was output twice for administrators.
  10. Fixed missing tab task counts bug.
  11. Simple dashboard stats now shows the same info as enhanced dashboard stats.
  12. Front-end and back-end user interface improvements.

v2.6 (20th October 2015)

  1. Fixed logic issue when using the ‘Users can only see their own tasks in projects’ setting.

v2.5 (18th October 2015)

  1. Added support for new Task Group extension.
  2. Fixed bug in admin where existing task couldn’t be set private by admin.
  3. Fixed issue where admin URL wouldn’t work under certain condition.
  4. Admin UI presentation updates.

v2.4 (14th October 2015)

  1. Added option to only show users own tasks on project pages.
  2. Added task counts to project tabs.
  3. Added task count of current user on project pages.
  4. Added presentation option for alternative task list styling.

v2.3 (16th August 2015)

  1. Fixed issue where currency symbol was not being honoured on dashboard projects (when option is enabled).

v2.2 (1st August 2015)

  1. Added option to specify currency symbol (for cost reports on the front-end).
  2. Added option to show task costs on the front-end.
  3. Added option to show/hide file icons next to attachments on front-end.
  4. Added filter control to report page.
  5. Changed method for toggling filter view states on report page (better performance).
  6. Fixed issue of tasks and project count summary not working on Projects page.
  7. Fixed issue where page content would not show under certain condition.
  8. Fixed logic issue concerning users being able to delete other users attachments.
  9. Completely redesigned attachments UI.

v2.1 (23rd July 2015)

  1. Added support for new ‘Add to Cal’ extension.
  2. Added toggle view state for completed tasks in report.
  3. Completed tasks can now be accessed on the front-end.
  4. UI updates.
  5. Minor bug fixes.

v2.0 (18th July 2015)

  1. Added support for Task Rocket extension.
  2. Added role based welcome splash for first time assistance.
  3. Project managers are email notified by default when a task is added.
  4. Web site administrator is email notified when a task is added to a project that doesn’t have a project manager.
  5. Admin dashboard now does basic checks and offers suggestions to solve common issues.
  6. Projects list on the dashboard now disabled by default (but can still be enabled).
  7. Tasks with multiple image attachments now get treated as a gallery (with next and previous buttons).
  8. Users can now clear the due date field.
  9. Improved notification dialogue after creating tasks.
  10. Improved appearance of email notifications.
  11. Fixed issue where the description would occasionally not show in the project details pane.
  12. Fixed issue where new task sidebar form would not scroll vertically when manually resizing the textarea.
  13. Fixed issue where SSL support for protocol-relative URLs wouldn’t work in some hosting environments.
  14. Fixed issue where very wide image attachments would generate thumbnails wider than viewport.
  15. Fixed issue of unmatched passwords alert when updating profile.
  16. Fixed issue where gravatar setting wasn’t honoured in some areas.
  17. Re-organised and updated admin UI.
  18. Optimised and consolidated presentation of the report page.
  19. Added new branding.
  20. UX/UI enhancements.

v1.9.2 (26th June 2015)

  1. Added option to show completed/un-tasked projects in the report.
  2. Text URLs in project descriptions and task details are automatically converted to clickable links.
  3. Projects can now have a project manager.
  4. Added quick link to relevant report on project pages.
  5. New setting: Let users choose a Project Manager for new projects on the front-end.
  6. New setting: Don’t automatically convert text URLs into clickable links.
  7. Fixed issue where comment link on completed tasks would 404.
  8. Dashboard widget in WP admin retired in favour of new settings page UI.
  9. Admin settings UI redesign.
  10. Minor presentation tweaks.

v1.9.1 (22nd June 2015)

  1. Fixed issue where completed tasks would 404 in the report when clicked.
  2. Small presentation update.
  3. Small maintenance updates.

v1.9 (21st June 2015)

  1. New feature: Log time against tasks.
  2. Specify start and end dates (deadlines) for projects.
  3. Specify time allocation for projects.
  4. Project cost advisor.
  5. Improved project scoping.
  6. Task owner now visible on smaller screens.
  7. View additional project information from each respective project page.
  8. View list of users involved with a project on each respective project page.
  9. New setting: Allow users to specify time frames and time allocation on projects.
  10. New setting: Specify your company hourly rate.
  11. New setting: Specify what increments logged time on tasks will be forced to use.
  12. New setting: Show/Hide costs on the front-end.
  13. New setting: Show/Hide Task Rocket version number on front-end.
  14. New setting: Show/Hide completed tasks in the report.
  15. Removed setting that allowed administrators to edit any task from the front-end (is now default behaviour instead).
  16. Fixed compatibility issue when SSL is enabled on hosting (removed reliance on http protocol).
  17. Fixed issue where “Let users create tasks” setting was not being honoured on project page.
  18. Fixed issue where multiple versions of a task could be accidentally created.
  19. Fixed issue where comments system may not have been loading.
  20. Administrators can perform more actions from front-end regardless of back-end setting.
  21. Expanded user account pages and details.
  22. Users page now shows detailed information about each user.
  23. Disabled emoji scripts.
  24. UI enhancements.

v1.8.5 (6th June 2015)

  1. Fixed issue where hyphen or apostrophe in project names would break the task list rendering.
  2. Potential performance increase on instances with high number of users.
  3. Administrators can always assign & reassign tasks on front-end regardless of settings.
  4. Fixed issue where nav toggle icon was visible for clients.
  5. Users can no longer type into the date picker field (are forced to use date picker instead).
  6. Footer scripts now added via function.
  7. Scripts change to // path.
  8. Clients can now log out.
  9. Small presentation tweaks.

v1.8.4 (20th May 2015)

  1. Option to allow/disallow users editing tasks.
  2. Option to allow/disallow users creating tasks.

v1.8.3 (12th May 2015)

  1. All scripts now http by default.
  2. Minor presentation tweaks.

v1.8.2 (8th May 2015)

  1. Moved dashboard message to more prominent position.
  2. Typo correction.
  3. Minor bug fixes.
  4. Minor presentation tweaks.

1.8.1 (15th April 2015)

  1. Dedicated page for projects/tasks report.
  2. Added option to show report link in the main nav to all project contributors.
  3. Tasks can be sorted by due date.
  4. Minor presentation tweaks.
  5. Minor bug fixes.

v1.8 (28th March 2015)

  1. Option to show comment threads in right pane.
  2. Added Chrome extension support.
  3. Added option to disable email notifications.
  4. Administrators can now delete/create projects from front-end when setting is disabled.
  5. Administrators can now reassign tasks from front-end when setting is disabled.
  6. Administrators see full project nav on front-end regardless of setting.
  7. Task Name field is in focus when clicking ‘New Task’ button.
  8. New Task page in admin shows attachments and improved presentation.
  9. Improved comment thread presentation.
  10. Comments, task info and attachments now stay visible when editing a task.
  11. Fixed client page bug for certain server environments.
  12. Fixed z-index issue for date picker on new task dialogue.
  13. Swapped out deprecated function.
  14. Misc bug fixes.
  15. Presentation updates.

v1.7.1 (2nd February 2015)

  1. Improved mobile UI on project pages.

v1.7 (24th January 2015)

  1. Added option to only show the currents users projects in the main nav.
  2. Added option to swap between new enhanced dashboard overview and original overview.
  3. Added project mini chart into the main nav (visible everywhere except dashboard).
  4. Added option to show/hide the mini chart.
  5. Added new metric so users can see how much task load they carry across all projects.
  6. Fixed bug where project name would still be immediately visible in nav after being deleted.
  7. Fixed bug that would mess with the pages nav icon presentation on fresh install.
  8. Fixed bug where users could still reassign tasks (from new task page) when admin option forbids it.
  9. Improved dashboard information for when there are no tasks or projects.
  10. Increased character allowance on project and task names to 100.
  11. Improved project data UI.
  12. Added character count to project description.
  13. Added validation to the search field.
  14. Updated admin dashboard widget UI.
  15. Removed ‘subscriber’ role (this role is not used in Task Rocket).
  16. UI tweaks.

v1.6.7 (16th January 2015)

  1. Fixed main nav presentation issue that affects very long project names.

v1.6.6 (15th January 2015)

  1. Fixed small presentation issue on custom nav when not using drop-down option.

v1.6.5 (14th January 2015)

  1. Added option to allow administrators to edit any task from front-end.
  2. Added option to allow administrators to mark any task as complete from front-end.
  3. Updated the main navigation presentation.
  4. Extended cookie expiration to 10 years.
  5. Small update to user account page (gravatar information).
  6. Presentation update on project pages with all tasks completed.

v1.6.4 (7th January 2015)

  1. Fixed issue where the sort menu could go berzerker on mobile.

v1.6.3 (4th January 2015)

  1. Fixed botched thickbox presentation issue.

v1.6.2 (30th December 2014)

  1. Basic task sorting (sort tasks by comments, date added, date modified, task owner, random, task title, ascending or descending).
  2. Retired admin option ‘Show older tasks first’.
  3. Suppressed rare ugly error when latest update info on dashboard is unreachable.

v1.6.1 (16th December 2014)

  1. Fixed issue where clients were being counted towards number of user licenses.

v1.6 (12th December 2014)

  1. Attachments viewed as thumbnails.
  2. Move tasks into a different project from front-end.
  3. Recent tasks can be marked complete from dashboard.
  4. Project progress items on dashboard now link to respective project.
  5. New role for clients, and dedicated clients overview dashboard.
  6. Completed projects no longer show up on dashboard (to save screen real-estate).
  7. Fixed jQuery conflict bug with Gravity Forms.
  8. Suppressed error messages on missing media attachments.
  9. Replaced deprecated wp_get_theme function.
  10. Retired the original default theme.
  11. Option to show link to users page in the main nav.
  12. Removed option to display user list on the main dashboard.
  13. Users list moved to a dedicated page.
  14. Removed front-end support link.
  15. Attach files to tasks in back-end.
  16. Responsive overhaul.
  17. Presentation tweaks.

v1.5.3 (24th August 2014)

  1. Fixed issue where new task dialogue was partially hidden on screens with low vertical real estate.
  2. Fixed issue where ‘New Task’ was being added into the custom nav list by default.

v1.5.2 (18th July 2014)

  1. Fixed front-end issue where new task was being assigned to current user instead of assignee.
  2. Fixed issue where selection input on new task page was not selecting current user by default.

v1.5.1 (3rd July 2014)

  1. Add and assign tasks from the front-end.
  2. See who owned a task before (if) it was reassigned.
  3. Improved admin dashboard widget.
  4. Improved back-end options page presentation.
  5. Admin dashboard widget now advises when there is a new version of Task Rocket available.
  6. Option to have email notifications sent as plain text.
  7. Option for administrator to display dashboard message.
  8. Option to include your own custom style sheet.
  9. Gravatar setting is now honoured everywhere on front-end.
  10. Maintenance button in admin to fix update issues.
  11. Subtle presentation improvements.

v1.5 (1st June 2014)

  1. Fixed issue where form actions would open new tab in Firefox.
  2. Fixed issue where default priority class was not being added to tasks when no priority is chosen.
  3. Added a project progress chart to dashboard.
  4. Completely redesigned UI (Monolith).
  5. Option to show list of all users on the dashboard.
  6. Option to disable tips on dashboard.
  7. Option to show tasks in order of oldest to newest
  8. Option to show/hide the project progress line chart on the dashboard.
  9. Added date-picker to tasks in admin
  10. Added web-app-capable views for Android and IOS
  11. Replaced deprecated functions
  12. Minor presentation tweaks

v1.4.1 (23rd Feb 2014)

  1. Administrators can create custom pages.
  2. Admin option to enable/disable comments on custom pages (settings).
  3. Admin option to change custom pages nav to dropdown (settings).
  4. Minor UI improvements.

v1.4 (8th Feb 2014)

  1. Comments can be made on tasks.
  2. Option to enable/disable commenting (settings).
  3. Emphasis on tasks owned by an administrator.
  4. Add/change administrator display title (settings).
  5. Fixed issue where user could accidentally undo another users completed task.
  6. Presentation tweaks.

v1.3 (17th Jan 2014)

  1. Upload (attach) files to individual tasks from front-end.
  2. Delete files from front end.
  3. Admin option for allowing files to be attached to tasks.
  4. Admin option to toggle opening files in new tab by default.
  5. Admin option for displaying the task ID.
  6. Organised admin options page.
  7. Under the hood bug fixes.
  8. Some small UI tweaks and fixes.
  9. Minor text edits.

v1.2 (4th Jan 2014)

  1. Minor error corrections.
  2. Typo fixes.

v1.1 (26th Dec 2013)

  1. Fixed XML bug.

v1.0 (24th Dec 2013)

  1. Initial release.

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