User roles in Task Rocket

There are 3 primary user roles in Task Rocket:

RoleDescriptionAdmin accessModify others tasks
AdministratorHas complete control on front and back-end, can be involved in projects and tasks.YesYes
EditorTypical team member involved in projects and tasks, can also be made a Project Manager.NoNo (unless is a PM)
ClientRead-only access to a limited read-only dashboard, or customised access with the Client Control extension.NoNo

About Project Managers

Project Manager is not a role, but instead it’s an attribute of a role. Administrators and Editors can be made a Project Manager. If the setting is enabled, a Project Manager can change the status of any task. A client can not be made a Project Manager.

For example: An Editor can be made a Project Manager but still be denied admin access. To give a Project Manager admin access, that user will also need to be an Administrator.

As an administrator you can mark any task as complete (or incomplete), change its status, log time etc, even a task you don’t own.

As a project manager, you can also edit any task just like an administrator can, but only for tasks that are in projects you are the project manager of.

About Editors

As an editor you don’t have privileges to change other users tasks, like in a typical WordPress scenario where you could edit other users posts. Instead an editor is just a typical user who has a few front-end privileges. The only exception to this rule is when an editor is assigned to be a project manager for any given project.

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