Minimum requirements

Task Rocket was originally developed and tested on PHP 5.6 and eventually continued on PHP 7, so it will work fine using the minimum WordPress requirements.

Important: Task Rocket is a theme (not a plugin) and must be installed on a fresh instance of the latest version of WordPress. It will not integrate nicely with your existing website or multi-site setup (multi-site has not been tested and will not be supported). It is a stand-alone theme and needs to be used as intended.

Permalinks in WordPress settings need to be set as Post name. Activating Task Rocket should do this automatically, but if not you’ll just need to manually change it in Settings -> Permalinks.

Memory requirements will vary. Task Rocket will work on a simple WordPress installation with as little as the default 40mb of PHP memory, but as you might expect due to the complex nature of the product and extensions it may also have higher memory requirements than your standard WordPress theme.

There are many variables that may affect performance or cause other issues on any WordPress instance, such as:

  • Many users interacting with the system at the same time
  • A high number of tasks and projects (into the hundreds for example)
  • Activating too many plugins
  • Low memory limit on your server or WordPress (Task Rocket has a tool to advise you)
  • Shared hosting environment

It is always recommended that you increase the PHP memory limit to ensure better performance. A reasonable memory limit could be as little as 64mb, but the higher the better. Just don’t go too close to the PHP memory limit. For example, if your server PHP memory limit is 128mb, don’t increase your WordPress memory limit to 128mb (64mb would probably be OK, but you might get away with 96mb).

Browser requirements don’t allow for outdated versions. Any recent version of the following browsers are fine:

  • Chrome (Windows or Mac)
  • Safari (Mac)
  • Firefox (Windows or Mac)
  • Internet Explorer 10 (Windows)
  • Edge (Windows)

Internet Explorer 10 and lower and Safari on Windows are absolutely not supported.

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