This version had enough new features and fixes to warrant skipping a couple of point releases, brining everything into version 1.7.

A couple of user requested features have been included, and some recently revealed bugs have also been squashed. On top of that a number of user interface elements have also been improved, and a new metric that shows you how much task load you are personally responsible for across the entire team.

The full changelog reads:

  • Added option to only show the currents users projects in the main nav.
  • Added option to swap between new enhanced dashboard overview and original overview.
  • Added project mini chart into the main nav (visible everywhere except dashboard).
  • Added option to show/hide the mini chart.
  • Added new metric so users can see how much task load they carry across all projects.
  • Fixed bug where project name would still be immediately visible in nav after being deleted.
  • Fixed bug that would mess with the pages nav icon presentation on fresh install.
  • Fixed bug where users could still reassign tasks (from new task page) when admin option forbids it.
  • Improved dashboard information for when there are no tasks or projects.
  • Increased character allowance on project and task names to 100.
  • Improved project data UI.
  • Added character count to project description.
  • Added validation to the search field.
  • Updated admin dashboard widget UI.
  • Removed ‘subscriber’ role (this role is not used in Task Rocket).
  • UI tweaks.

Existing users can download the new version for free, but if you’ve never tried Task Rocket you can take it for a test flight.

As always, feedback is welcome (and helpful!).

1.7-dashboard 1.7-projects