Since it’s original inception, Rocket Apps has grown well beyond anything I had anticipated. Initially motivated to solve my own problems, I built Task Rocket as a simple way of managing the many projects I was working on at the time, which I did in early 2013 mostly during train rides to and from my day job. It was quite a slog, I have to say, but it was also a rewarding experience.

In the time that has passed, I’ve created a handful of plugins for Task Rocket, created Invoice Rocket and related plugins, launched Open Graphite Pro (with a free version), responded to 481 support requests, created custom plugins for customers, consulted on a handful of 3rd party projects, and slowly chipped away at Task Rocket 5 (sorry, still no release date).

Now I feel it’s time to move up a gear.

Starting today, Rocket Apps will be launching an updated website and a new business model. The primary products, both Task Rocket and Invoice Rocket, will now be free. Going forward, plugins will be part of the new online store and require a license key.

And just to clear up something I know many of you are probably wondering right now, the answer is yes – all existing Task Rocket and Invoice Rocket customers (even those that only had a 12 month support license) will be taken care of and have been gifted a 15 year support license that continually renews until then end of time. Users who had a grandfathered lifetime support license will also be covered by this arrangement.

So the TLDR is this: every existing Task Rocket and Invoice Rocket user will not have to pay anything for their existing products, forever.

And finally, I’ve also added an additional domain allowance for all your plugins. So if you wanted to, go ahead and use your Task Rocket or Invoice Rocket plugins on another domain.

What motivated this change?

The need for growth.

It is my hope that, with the barrier to obtaining the primary products removed, this should increase user adoption. Increased user adoption should result in an uptick in plugin sales, and if that number eventually reaches where I hope then it would lead to more time and resources being put into Rocket Apps. My ultimate goal is to put 100% of my time and energy into this, and if the forecast looks good, make my first hire to help take things to the next level.

As many of you may already know, I’m currently a one-man-army with limited time and resources, splitting my time between a day job, being a husband and father and maintaining the Rocket Apps ecosystem with whatever time I have left over. To repeat my earlier metaphor, I’ve essentially been in first gear all this time, and now I need to shift up.

What do you need to do?

When you have a moment, you’ll need to manually update your Task Rocket and/or Invoice Rocket plugins and themes.

This will result in:

  • Your theme(s) having the licensing technology removed.
  • Your plugins gaining the new ability to enter a license key.

How do you update?

Updating will involve a little effort. But before doing anything, please make backups of the existing theme, plugins and your database.

Let’s get started.

  • Download and activate the new Rocket Apps Plugin Manager (now required for license activation). Get it here.
  • Download fresh copies of the theme and plugins.
  • Delete the old theme and plugins.
  • Upload the new themes and plugins using either the WordPress theme upload interface or via FTP.
  • Activate the plugins.
  • Enter your license keys for your plugins (which you can find here when you’re logged in).

Unfortunately there was no getting around this process, and so I do apologise in advance.

All your previous tasks, projects, settings etc will be unaffected by this process.

When do you have to do this?

You don’t have to update immediately, but bear in mind you won’t get any further updates to the plugins until they’ve been updated and you’ve entered their respective license keys.

Where can you get your plugin license keys?

As usual, login and hit the downloads page and then the license keys tab. You won’t see license keys for Task Rocket or Invoice Rocket (because they are free now), and instead you’ll see keys for your plugins. If for some reason you’re not seeing what you expected, no worries. Let me know and I’ll sort it out.

If you have any questions about any of this, you know where to find me.

Have a great day!