So what’s been happening? A lot actually, and I thought now would be a good time to share some news and address some possible concerns.

Addressing Concerns

Firstly props to those who contacted me asking about what’s happening with Task Rocket. Some of what I told you is repeated below, so please bear with.

For everyone else, please know that the product is still alive and well and has absolutely not been forgotten or abandoned. Admittedly I haven’t pushed as many updates in recent months other than to fix reported bugs, but there’s been a very good reason for that which I will get to later in this post.

Not only is Task Rocket still on the road map, there’s also a lot coming its way including but not limited to:

  • New add-on: Reassign Tasks (lets you handover all your tasks in a project to another user with a couple of clicks)
  • User interface updates
  • UX improvements
  • Core code updates to main theme and all add-ons (will give developers some flexibility)
  • Developer documentation
  • …and more to be announced later

Unfortunately I can’t give an E.T.A. for any of this because I honestly don’t know myself, but I’ll hazard a guess that it’ll be before the end of January 2018 when everything else is out of the way. Which leads me to…

Impending Product Launch

Funny story. I began work on a new product in February 2017, naively estimating about 3 months design and development. It actually took 8 months because it turns out there was a lot I didn’t consider at the start. This is an industry I thought I was reasonably well versed, but after meeting with some industry professionals for feedback (who could potentially be dealing with reports generated by this product) I soon realised there was more to consider.

So what is this new mystery product that has been getting in the way of precious Task Rocket updates?

Say hello to Invoice Rocket.

What does Invoice Rocket do? It’s your new tool for managing invoices, expenses and collecting payments. Let me describe it with a basic workflow: You create an invoice, send it to your client, they pay the invoice.

Everything is handled within Invoice Rocket, including emailing invoices to your clients, notifying you when they have viewed or paid an invoice, customer invoice histories, reminders and honestly way too much more to mention here. And your customers don’t need to create an account to view or pay invoices you send them.

It’s geography agnostic as well, which means you can (in the settings page) specify country currency, units and code, tax names, rates and financial year date, payment types, communication options, invoice rates and more.

At time of launch Invoice Rocket will be available as a stand-alone theme or you can buy the complete package which will include these add-ons:

Email Report
Specify how often to automatically send you a daily email report.

Send estimates to your customers. They can accept the estimate with a single click which will automatically convert the estimate into an invoice.

Keep track of your ongoing business expenses.

View a timeline of historical events that occur within Invoice Rocket

Other Income
Keep track of other business income you earn that didn’t come from a paid invoice

Pin Payments
Let your customers pay with a credit card (requires a Pin Payments account)

Let your customers pay with a credit card or Bitcoin (requires a Stripe account)

If you prefer, add-ons can be purchased separately of course.

WordPress developers should also be pleased to learn that I’ll be publishing developer documents and supplying a basic sample plugin to help you create your own Invoice Rocket add-ons.

For those wondering, yes you should be able to migrate from your existing system and I’ll provide a tutorial for that. As long as your existing system has an option to export to CSV then it should be as simple as just matching up the column names (I used this free plugin to do my migration) and you’ll be finished in time for corn flakes.

I should also mention right now in case you’re wondering: this is not an extension or or add-on for Task Rocket. It’s a completely new separate product and as such will need to be installed on it’s own fresh instance of WordPress.

New Brand and Website Launch

The launch of Invoice Rocket will also coincide with the launch of the new parent brand (which I can’t share the name of yet). This means both Task Rocket and Invoice Rocket will fall under the new brand and co-exist on the new website.

When this happens I’ll be sending an email out to all newsletter subscribers as a reminder.

The Re-seller and Affiliate Programs

It turns out these weren’t as popular as I’d hoped, and so both programs will be discontinued when the new website launches.

If you have any questions about any of this, you know how to find me. Or just leave a comment below.