Version 1 of the History Log add-on while adequate, wasn’t exactly how I’d hoped it to be. Time constraints forced me to take the easy direction of relying heavily on a combination of the WordPress get_the_modified_date() function and some simple logic checking for recently modified posts, but that method has many limitations (and a non-critical bug I’ve since discovered that occurs under a rare set of circumstances).

Currently in development is History Log v1.1, which does away with simply checking for modified posts and instead will log almost every event in its own custom database table (which will be better for performance too).

Logged events will now include (and may not be limited to at the timeĀ of launch) invoices, estimates, other income, clients and expenses any time they have been created, modified, trashed or retrieved from the trash, invoices when have been paid and when an invoice has been viewed by a client. Bascially you’ll have a log of all events to keep you informed of everything that has been happening and who made it happen.

Development is going way faster than I hoped, and I would say version 1.1 could be ready by the weekend, short of some catastrophic event getting in the way. The update will also require Invoice Rocket be updated to 1.2.1 as it contains a couple of presentation updates that the History Log 1.1 add-on relies on.

Stay tuned, both updates will be released at the same time.