Update: The beta testing period has ended.

Development on the upcoming Client Control add-on is nearing completion. With most of the hard work pretty much done all that is left to do is more internal dogfooding and UI updates to accommodate some of the new elements.

As the finish line approaches I’m calling out to any Task Rocket users who might be interested in beta testing it.

As my way of saying thanks, I’ll gladly update all beta testers to the unlimited user licence at no charge, and once the client add-on is out of beta you’ll also get that for free as well.

But before we get that far, here’s a few questions you might want answered.

What does the new client add-on do?
It replaces the current read-only view with the same UI that all Task Rocket users currently use, but also adds new features that you can toggle via the dedicated client settings panel:

client control admin

Who should take part in the beta test?
Task Rocket users that want to give their clients more involvement and feedback in a project.

When will you be able to start beta testing?
I anticipate being able to get you started within the coming week. I may periodically send you an updated package that addresses any issues raised.

What responsibilities will you have?
Nothing I will hold you to, but the idea is to let me know about any bugs or issues that you spot so I can address them before launching the final version.

What else should you know?
You will need to update to Task Rocket 2.0 which I will also provide because that version is not available for download yet.

Although I don’t expect any problems with your existing data, participating in the beta program is at your own risk. Please back-up everything – files and database. I can’t take any responsibility for any loss of data.

How do you apply?
Just send me a message and I’ll get the ball rolling.