I’m about half-way through developing a feature that has been asked for many times. It’s quite a complicated thing to achieve on the front-end, but it’s looking good so far.

The feature will be in the form of a new add-on called Task Groups.

As the name suggests, you’ll be able to create and manage groups of tasks (back-end) which you can use to include in new projects (front-end).

To cite an example, let’s say you commonly work on web development projects. I know it can be a time consuming pain to have to manually add each common task every time you create a new project (leaving alone trying to remember what all those tasks are).

With this new add-on, you’ll only have to enter those common tasks once into a group. After that any time you create a new web development project you simply choose a┬áTask Group and all its tasks will be automatically added to the project.

(Adding an item to a task group in the back-end.)

(Managing Task Groups in the back-end.)

(Adding a Task Group to a project on the front-end.)

This can of course be applied to any industry that has common tasks associated with projects, and there is no limit to how many task groups you can create.

Stay tuned.