Even before since this was announced several weeks ago on the Facebook page,  I’ve had plenty of enquiries asking if Task Rocket does have or will ever have Gantt charts.

When those enquiries first started I didn’t have any solution in mind. But now that Task Rocket 4 is in the hands of the beta testing team earlier than expected, I’ve used the spare time to start implementing a suitable simple Gantt solution.

Here’s how it’s looking so far:

The Gantt chart will have options which so far are:

  • Show on: Dashboard, All Active Projects, Project (individual), Reports, Report (individual).
  • The initial overview scale (hours, days, weeks or months).
  • Hide completed tasks.
  • Pagination (how many projects to show per vertical pagination).
  • Navigation (buttons or slider).
  • Scroll to today (automatically scroll the Gantt chart to the current day).
  • Show the project description (When hovering over a Gantt item).

There’s still a few bugs I need to iron out, and getting it work in Task Rocket has been a challenge. But unless there is some catastrophic event preventing me from squashing these bugs, I can’t think of any other reason why this won’t be available at the same time that Task Rocket 4 is released, or very soon after.