One thing I never expected (perhaps it was way in the back of my mind) was the sheer number of projects and tasks any given company might have. I thought I was a heavy Task Rocket user, but I’ve learned that some agencies have hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks.

This isn’t a problem until you hit the reports page. The reports page basically lists every project, every task contained in that project (completed and incomplete), the project manager and some other details. When you have a large number of projects this can result in server side thrashing, where excessive resources are consumed and potentially cause the website to become unresponsive.

To alleviate this problem the reports page in Task Rocket 3.0 has been re-engineered. All projects will still be listed, but with just the basics. You then simply access a report for any particular project from there. This results in a significant drop in loading and less server resources consumed (and less browser memory consumed on the client side). The database will also thank you.

Here’s the new reports page (WIP) in action.