Social sharing can be critically important to bringing users to your website and converting, but unfortunately not all websites are putting their best social foot forward. Open Graphite Pro helps solve one of the biggest problems when it comes to sharing pages on social media: what data is shown to users when one of your pages is shared on social media.

Quick fact: Among all the social media platforms that matter, Facebook has the highest user engagement and typical users still prefer to ‘scan’ content quickly. With only microseconds to capture their attention, it’s important to make sure your pages are sharing information in a manner that can be quickly digested by users.

And that’s where Open Graphite comes in, by letting you specify the correct title, description, image and even the object type for every page, post and custom post type, all without compromising the original content of the page.

Without any sort of open graph solution in place, the alternative isn’t always ideal, and you’ll be leaving it up to Facebook to decide what users will see when someone shares one of your pages. That usually always ends up being text and images not optimised for the scanning eyes of social media users, and can also result in missed clicks and conversions.

A Real World Example

A good example is this very blog post you are reading now. If anyone shared this page on Facebook and I did not have Open Graphite installed on WordPress, the users would see an out-of-context title, the first image of the page (not necessarily the image for the blog) and a truncated description based on whatever Facebook was able to automatically capture from the page.

But with Open Graphite installed I can customise what is shown, and instead users will see this more focused, more context aware preview optimised for social media:

Open Graphite Pro sharing on Facebook

Open Graphite doesn’t just work for Facebook, but also any other social media platform that observes open graph data, such as Twitter, Linkedin and more.

If you’re keen, you can download Open Graphite right now from the official WordPress repository.

Have fun.