After an uncommon bout of insomnia, last night I decided to deploy the Invoice Rocket 1.2.3 update one day ahead of plan.

This update contains a few new settings and some bug fixes, with the most notable being the ability to display data labels on charts. So here’s a break down of the update with corresponding explanations.

New setting: Display labels on data elements.
Data labels are a way to show the values in the charts with less guesswork, and without the need to hover over a node or bar. When the setting is enabled, line and bar charts will look like the images below respectively. Enable this in the Presentation settings.

Data Labels (line chart)
Data Labels (bar chart)

New setting: Disable the animation between page loads.
A few people had kindly requested this, and so I added it. As described, enabling the setting will disable the loading animation between page loads. Enable this in the Presentation settings.

New setting: Display circular charts as pie instead of doughnut.
I’ve been meaning to do this for a while. All three of the accountants who initially provided feedback during the development phase said they preferred pie charts instead of doughnut charts (and preferred bar charts instead of line charts). If you prefer your charts in the pie flavour, enable this in the Presentation settings. Doughnut and Pie comparison below:

Doughnut chart vs Bar chart

Logo now links to dashboard when clicked.
A small yet welcome addition. Clicking the logo will link you to the dashboard.

Fixed broken attributes on logo image.
Although it’s not really worth mentioning, it’s still a change none-the-less. Hover over your logo and the title attribute will do its thing.

Fixed issue where sidebar buttons would appear near bottom of invoices.
This was my boo-boo. In the previous update (1.2.2) I added a new setting to disable the ability to trash sent or paid invoices. Within the code I accidentally ended a condition outside of a closing div instead of inside, causing the browser to render the invoice preview page with the sidebar buttons at the bottom instead of at the side. Somehow I missed this during testing. My bad, all fixed now.

Fixed issue where invoice could still be trashed from the context menu when “Disable ability to trash sent or paid invoices” option is enabled.
Again related to the previous 1.2.2 update, I neglected to place the same logic on the invoices list context menu so that the ‘trash’ option isn’t available when the “Disable ability to trash sent or paid invoices” setting is enabled. All working fine now.

Invoice Context Menu

Favicons now honour your logo.
I wasn’t sure if this would be possible without creating several different sizes of the uploaded logo (which would have meant existing users would have to upload their logos again), but apparently it’s cool. The browser will now show your logo as the favicon on every page.


As always feedback is welcome and appreciated. Comment below.