The Rocket Apps plugin manager idea was spawned after I received a few complaints about how much side nav real-estate the plugins were using. I could not agree more.

So what is the solution to this problem? I’ve created a plugin that will be the hub for all Rocket Apps plugins licence activation/deactivation and licence information.

It will sit in a dedicated menu item called Rocket Apps, and automatically list any Rocket Apps plugins you have activated.

Rocket Apps plugin manager

What do you need to do?

Starting now, you can download the Rocket Apps Plugin Manager, activate it, and then update all your plugins. You won’t need to enter you license keys again as they will be automatically pulled in by the plugin.

There’s no immediate hurry to do this, it’s at you’re own leisure.

The Rocket Apps Plugin Manager is free of course and available for download now. All existing plugins will also be updated at the same time, and it is recommended you update them as well. The only change to the plugins is the ability to work with the new Rocket Apps plugin manager.