In today’s release a few issues have been fixed and one notable new feature baked in: the ability to preview documents without having to download them first.

At the moment the support for document preview includes: DOC, DOCX, PDF, TXT, XLSX and XLS. To enable document previews go to Task Rocket settings -> Presentation -> Show preview button for documents.

Theoretically, as this relies on the Google viewer API, I should be able to add support for more file types in the future. But during testing it was evident that even though the Google viewer can allegedly preview several more doc types, it didn’t always work and made for a sub-par experience.

With this in mind I’ve just restricted preview support to the common doc types mentioned above that I have tested and seen working. It’s a good start, and I’ll work on extending this in the meantime.

That aside, some add-ons also received updates. Here’s every update pushed out today:

Task Rocket 4.7.4

  • New option: Preview documents.
  • Fixed issue where project due date did not show in report.
  • Fixed repeating JS error with datepicker.
  • Fixed issue where todays date did not honour WP timezone setting.

Client Control 3.4.2

  • New option: Let clients reassign tasks.
  • New option: Let clients add projects to their calendar (requires Add to Cal add-on).
  • Fixed long description presentation issue on client dashboard.
  • Clients can now delete their tasks from task details page.
  • Presentation tweaks.

Kanban 1.7.3

  • Responsive tweaks.

Task Groups 3.4.2

  • Removed unnecessary JS from front-end.