Among all the great feedback I get about Task Rocket, I still get the occasional “what’s your workspace like?” or “what do you develop with?” queries.

So I thought I’d take a moment to share my set-up here once and for all, mostly so I can just send¬†a link to the next person that asks ūüôā


Most work is carried out on¬†a four year old Sony VAIO¬†laptop running Windows 8.1, connected to a 24″ LCD at 1920 x 1200. Nothing special here, but it’s way more capable than I require.

When I’m out and about I’ll switch to my Toshiba Chromebook¬†(I’m a big advocate of Chromebooks – here’s proof) where I use the web based Codio IDE for development (well worth the low monthly subscription cost if you ask me).


Prepros has live preview built-in, so as you make edits to CSS, Javascript or anything else you will see changes in the browser in real-time without having to refresh, and that’s where a second screen (my Chromebook in this case) comes in handy.

Asked and answered.