Task Rocket 4 is very close, and while it’s still in the beta testing phase I’ve taken the spare time to finish an add-on I started a while ago.

The Comment Notify add-on will let you control where email notifications are sent whenever someone posts a comment on a task. I’ve built this for a number of reasons.

1) Because the standard WordPress comment notifications aren’t very flexible.
2) It makes sense for a team member, PM or whomever to know when there potentially important new information on a task (especially one they own).
3) Enough people have asked for that it was easy to justify the engineering.

This also fits in nicely with and follows the same paradigm as the new notifications improvements coming in Task Rocket 4.

The screenshot below says it all:


Comment Notify will be released at the same time as Task Rocket 4, and will of course only work on version 4 or higher.