A lot has happened this month. Here’s a summary of updates, features and tweaks across several products.

wProject: A major update to wProject at v1.4.0 contains several enhancements, tweaks and fixes. View the full changelog.

Time tracking reengineered: The time tracking component in wProject has been re-engineered from the ground up. Read more about it here.

New plugin: Clients Pro for wProject was released. This plugin allow clients limited access to participate in specific projects that you choose.

New plugin: Better Address for Gravity Forms now has a permanent price drop to just $19. For what it’s worth, the plugin is also listed on the official Gravity Forms website.

Reports Pro: An update to Reports Pro lets you show which team members recorded the most time on a project.

That’s about all for September 2021. If you have any questions about any of this, you know how to find me.