As of about 10 minutes ago I pushed out a few updates to the main Task Rocket theme and the Client Control add-on. You can see their respective change-logs here and here.

Probably the most notable change is in the Client Control add-on, which now has less confusion surrounding how clients can assign and reassign tasks. Admittedly I can see how it could have been confusing the way it was before, so now I’ve created an entire new option that lets clients assign and reassign tasks to absolutely anyone.

For most customers the existence of this new option won’t make any difference and you won’t need to change anything, but for the rare few who did want this option you’ll now need to enable it in Task Rocket settings -> Client Control.

Incidentally this also means that Client Control 3.4.4 now requires you be running at least Task Rocket 4.7.7. Update both now and you’ll be good to go.

If you have any questions about these updates you know where to find me.