Today I completed work on a major change to the way updates are handled, which means you’ll no longer have to login to this website to get the latest version of the theme or add-ons.

Instead you’ll be able to update like you would any other WordPress theme or add-on, which is obviously going to make things a lot easier.

Why did it take so long? When you’re product is not part of the official WordPress repo, you’re forced to come up with alternative solutions. I’ve looked at many from time to time but never found anything I liked until I revisited the issue this week (I know it could have come sooner, but I’m incredibly time poor!). Anyhoo, I’m still happy to report it works just as expected.

What else is going on?

I will soon be dropping the multiple license strategy, which means there will only be one version of Task Rocket available. At the moment you are using either a solo, 10 user, 50 user or unlimited user license, and very soon you won’t be able to update your license if you were planning to. But it doesn’t matter because instead I will be gifting every current licence holder an unlimited version of Task Rocket, no string attached.


All you’ll need to do is download the latest version (when testing is complete and I make it available – UPDATE: available now) and install it. You’ll have no user restrictions and the convenience of easy updates going forward.

One more thing – and this is important.

This is something I’ve wrestled with since day one. Up until now I’ve avoided forcing you to enter any form of activation key, but the reality sucks. I recently learned there were some copies of Task Rocket being hosted on torrent and WordPress theme hack websites (the ones that strip out licensing systems from WordPress themes and plugins and the make them available freely), which is an unfortunate part of just about every software application that has existed. While this is expected by anyone selling electronic goods for a living, it’s harder for those who perhaps don’t sell enough volume to simply shrug it off as the cost of doing business.

With this in mind, soon Task Rocket 3 (when it’s released) will require you to activate with a key which you will be able to get from your account page when you log-in to this web site. It’ll be painless and once only, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. I know other premium theme dealers do the exact same thing. And because keys can only be activated once, this means future pirates will be out of luck. Or at least it’ll be harder for the less motivated software pirates.

As for how this will affect you, once you begin running the new version you’ll be prompted to enter your key. The prompt will only be visible in the back-end. If you don’t enter your key you won’t get updates and support, but Task Rocket will continue to function normally otherwise.

Presenting the Task Rocket Facebook page

There has been the occasional request, so I’ve decided to bite. Presenting the official Task Rocket presence on Facebook. If you actually arrived here from Facebook, you may also be interested to know Task Rocket is also on Google+ and I post updates on Twitter.