If you hadn’t already noticed, Bitcoin support has been removed from the Strip add-on.

This was not by choice, but rather Stripe officially ended support for collecting Bitcoin payments on April 23rd 2018, and so consequently any plugin or other software that was using their API for processing Bitcoin will also be affected, including the Invoice Rocket Stripe add-on.

Their reasons are legitimate enough, citing unacceptably long transaction times, frequent transaction failure rates and increasing fees which all adds up to waning popularity for Bitcoin among Stripe merchants and users.

In a blog post on the subject,¬†Product manager Tom Karlo claimed that while they “remain very optimistic about cryptocurrencies overall”, there is a chance that other cryptocoins may be supported in the future.

If you haven’t updated to the latest version of Stripe for Invoice Rocket, it is recommended you do so immediately. The latest version removes the Bitcoin payment option and will obviously prevent your customers from attempting to pay you with said cryptocurrency.