The new update to the Stripe extension adds an improved user experience for your customers and also some nice workflow enhancements.

When a customer successfully pays invoice they will receive immediate feedback on screen indicating a successful transaction. Upon a successful transaction the invoice will also automatically be updated to Paid status with the current date and payment method that was used.

In the admin interface there are now some additional fields you where will need to enter your live and secret keys into, and also an optional test mode just in case you wanted to do a dry run first.

As an additional precaution, if you accidentally enter your secret key into the wrong field, a warning will appear next to the field in question and the Save Settings button will be disabled until you fix that problem. This will avoid putting you in a situation where you accidentally make your secret key public.

And finally, you can specify the transaction label that appears in your Stripe dashboard next to paid invoices. The invoice number will automatically be appended to this.

Look for the update nag in WordPress admin now.