It’s finally here, and it’s awesome. As some of you no doubt already know, Task Groups has been a long time coming. What are Task Groups?

Remember all those times you created a project and you wished for a way to simply automatically include a whole bunch of tasks you know are always going to be in said projects? This add-on solves that problem.

Once activated, you’ll see a new Task Groups menu item in the back-end where you can create and manage groups of tasks. For example in the screenshot below you can see I’ve created a group called Web Development and have slotted a few tasks below it:


Each task can just have a title and nothing else, or if you prefer you can include additional information:


On the front-end when you go to create a project, you’ll see a new selection available where you can (optionally) choose which Task Group you’d like to include in the project:


In the example above, all the tasks from the Web Development group will be automatically set up on the new project.

Here’s the action in GIF format:

task group

You can learn more about this add-on and read some FAQs here.