The only feature worth mentioning with this release is┬átask sorting. Tasks can now be sorted to give you a better overview of what you’re supposed to be doing.

The full change log for this release is:

  1. Basic task sorting (sort tasks by comments, date added, date modified, task owner, random, task title, ascending or descending).
  2. Retired admin option ‘Show older tasks first’.
  3. Suppressed rare ugly error when latest update info on dashboard is unreachable.

What about sorting by Priority?

That’s still coming. The WordPress get_posts() parameters cover all the filters I require except the custom field ‘priority’, which wasn’t working as expected.

Rather than delay any further I decided to release 1.6.2 with a set of sorting filters that are still useful and possibly all that some users need. In the meantime I’ll continue work on adding the filter to view tasks in order of most urgent to least urgent.

As always, feedback on this release is welcome in the comment below.