Yay for insomnia!

This release has a handful of fixes and tweaks, but the most significant update is a better organised admin UI.

So here’s the changelog for those playing at home:

  1. Added option to show completed/un-tasked projects in the report.
  2. Text URLs in project descriptions and task details are automatically converted to clickable links.
  3. Projects can now have a project manager.
  4. Added quick link to relevant report on project pages.
  5. New setting: Let users choose a Project Manager for new projects on the front-end.
  6. New setting: Don’t automatically convert text URLs into clickable links.
  7. Fixed issue where comment link on completed tasks would 404.
  8. Dashboard widget in WP admin retired in favour of new settings page UI.
  9. Admin settings UI redesign.
  10. Minor presentation tweaks.

Grab the latest version from the usual place, and as always make a backup of everything before updating.

The recommended update method:

  1. Backup your database first (just in case)
  2. Remove the old theme from wp-content/themes
  3. Extract the new theme into wp-content/themes