Continuing the trend of rapid prototyping updates, version 2.2 is pretty much done and should be available for download in a couple of days.

So what’s new, I hear you ask? Here’s the changelog:

  • Added option to specify currency symbol (for cost reports on the front-end).
  • Added option to show task costs on the front-end.
  • Added option to show file icons next to attachments on front-end.
  • Changed method for toggling completed tasks view on report page (better performance).
  • Fixed issue of tasks and project count summary not working on Projects page.
  • Completely redesigned attachments UI.

The new attachments UI (gif below) has a slight resemblance to an older version. But it’s been significantly cleaned up, responds better to different screen widths, and most significantly there is a separation between images (which show as thumbnails) and other file types (which show in a list). If you don’t like the file icons there is a setting to disable them.


In addition for those who are using it, the Client Control add-on has also been updated (you can grab it now) to include support for Yahoo! and Microsoft web based calendars.


As usual the Task Rocket admin interface will let you know when an update is available, or if you’re subscribed to the newsletter you’ll get notified there as well.