Task Rocket 2.6 is nearing completion. Among other things the task UI has also been tweaked, mostly because there was a lot of information being relayed and I was finding it difficult to present it nicely. The screenshot below shows a significant improvement, as well as a new setting to hide attachments by default requiring a click to reveal them.

new ui

The second screenshot shows the admin UI utilising the available screen real estate better as well. Also note the three new presentation options: Alternative task list presentationVividness and Toggle attachments view.


Another new feature shows who the previous owner of a task was if it had been reassigned. There’s also some bug fixes.

The changelog so far looks like this:

  • Reassigned tasks now show who the previous owner was.
  • Completed tasks now show date completed.
  • Reports now show the date tasks were completed.
  • Tasks now show number of attached files.
  • New setting to have attachments shown or hidden by default.
  • Added presentation setting for increasing UI vividness.
  • Improved colour distinction between low and normal priority.
  • Fixed logic bug where project cost was output twice for administrators.
  • Fixed missing tab task counts bug.
  • Simple dashboard stats now shows the same info as enhanced dashboard stats.
  • Front-end and back-end user interface improvements.

Stay tuned. Not long to go.