It’s finally here! All existing Task Rocket users can update right now, assuming WordPress is showing you that an update is available. If you’re not seeing the update notification and you can’t wait then just login to your Task Rocket account on this website and download the package(s) manually, unzip and upload to overwrite the existing files on your server.

But before you do anything, please read everything below first.

1) Will it cost anything to upgrade to version 3?
No. All existing users will be able to upgrade at no cost.

2) Will version 3 cost any more than the current price for new users?
No. There are no plans to change the pricing from what it already is. If you’ve ever wanted to try Task Rocket and have been waiting for v3, be assured that the price will be the same as the current version.

3) There has been previous mention of having to enter my activation key. Is still the case?
Yes (for reasons outlined here). While you can use Task Rocket without entering your activation key, you just won’t be able to receive updates and support until you do. It’s obviously advisable to activate Task Rocket so you can get updates and keep things running as best they can. If you still haven’t entered your activation key after your 12 month support window has expired, you can still continue to use Task Rocket, but as mentioned you won’t be able to get updates or support. Grandfathered customers will also have to enter their activation key, but they will receive unlimited support forever.

4) How do I update from an older version?
Just like any other theme, WordPress will advise you as soon as the update is available. The best places to check for updates are in WordPress admin Dashboard -> Updates or Appearance -> Themes. If the update notice is shown, it’s just a single click to update.

5) Are the add-ons getting an update as well?
Yes. This is actually important to be aware of. The add-ons have been modified to fit in with the new user interface, and so if you update Task Rocket you will need to also update any add-ons you are using as well. Likewise if you update the add-ons first you will also then have to update Task Rocket immediately after.

6) Should any precautions be taken?
Though there should not be any issues updating (there never has been in the history of Task Rocket), it’s still always advisable to backup the old theme and database first. I can’t stress this enough. That way you can go back if you need to. I personally do this as a habit now even though I’m confident there won’t be any issues updating. It’s just good practice. That said, my official stance on the matter is to make a backup before updating.

7) Is there anything else to be aware of?
The only thing you will need to do – and this is only if you’re updating from an older version of Task Rocket – is go to the Task Rocket settingsinterface and hit the Perform Maintenance button. This will force the necessary scripts to run to support the new features. You will only ever have to do this once. This will also remove some older legacy pages that were created (and are no longer required) on older versions of Task Rocket.

8) Will any customisation be lost if I upgrade?
If you’ve made edits to the main theme files, then yes. Task Rocket 3 has had a significant chunk of code re-written, including the presentation layer and supporting mark-up.

9) Will all my preferences be retained if I am upgrading from an older version?
Yes. Updating to Task Rocket 3 will not change any of your settings, but please be aware that some legacy features have been removed (see the changelog at the end of this post).

10) What’s new in Task Rocket 3?
The final changelog is listed below. It is advisable that you read it in full, specifically because some older features have been removed.

The Final Changelog for 3.0

  • New setting: Rename the ‘Unassigned’ label.
  • New setting: Disable file uploads.
  • New setting: Enable a warning on Tasks and Project pages (prevents accidentally losing form field details before submitting).
  • New setting: Show team activity on dashboard.
  • New setting: Show recent comments on dashboard.
  • New setting: Disable the welcome screen for new users.
  • New setting: Disable loading animation between page loads.
  • New setting: Show recently added pages on the dashboard.
  • New setting: Also send email notifications to the website administrator email address.
  • New setting: Automatic job numbers.
  • New setting: Job numbers prefixes.
  • New setting: Show x many results per page when viewing the ‘My Tasks’ page.
  • New setting: Upload a logo (will be shown on login page and welcome dialogue).
  • New setting: Disable fancy tooltips.
  • Vastly improved UI/UX.
  • Users can upload a photo (instead of relying on the Gravatar service).
  • Mini-chart shows more project data.
  • Improved reporting experience.
  • View a report for a single project.
  • Download all project attachments in a zip file with a single click.
  • Download all task attachments in a zip file with a single click.
  • Email a report.
  • Date format now honoured by WordPress setting.
  • New dashboard chart shows your task priority splits.
  • Improved Date Picker UI.
  • Email notification ‘From’ name is no longer forced to ‘Task Rocket’.
  • Add a job number to tasks (Automatic or manual setting).
  • Add a job number to projects (Automatic or manual setting).
  • Updated thickbox function.
  • You can now set start and end dates on a tasks.
  • Users page now shows the task count and a link to profile of any clients.
  • Clients can now update their own details.
  • New dedicated page to view all yours tasks.
  • View all tasks owned by a particular user.
  • Added loading animation between page loads (can be disabled in settings).
  • New toggle switch on main project page for simple view.
  • New filter to limit search results to attachments only.
  • Email notifications now contain all task data.
  • Improved email notification presentation.
  • Dashboard message can now be accessed from anywhere.
  • Attachments now show who uploaded them and when.
  • Small icon to indicate which attachments were uploaded by a client.
  • Welcome dialogue now honours the website name (instead of “Task Rocket”).
  • Login page redesigned, also shows a welcome message that reflects the website name.
  • Users can take possession of tasks that have no owner.
  • Theme activation is now required in order to receive support and updates.
  • Fixed issue where wrong joined date was being shown on user profiles.
  • Fixed broken welcome screen URL for administrators.
  • Fixed issue where password reset emails did not contain reset link.
  • Fixed JS conflict on users page.
  • Fixed redirect loop bug for when using a non-standard login URL.
  • Fixed typo on welcome screen.
  • Fixed bug that was causing the tasks filter in WP admin to not return correct number of results.
  • Fixed issue where project manager would not get email notification when a task is updated.
  • Fixed issue where reassigned task email notification sent to client had incorrect link to the task.
  • Fixed ‘function name must be a string’ error that occurred under rare condition.
  • Fixed rare ‘Invalid argument supplied for foreach()’ bug.
  • Removed ‘Alternative page list presentation’ setting.
  • Removed ‘Pages navigation as a drop-down’ setting.
  • Removed ‘Show version number on front-end’ setting.
  • Removed ‘Display the date’ setting (date is always shown).
  • Removed ‘Disable enhanced overview setting.
  • Removed ‘Vividness’ setting.
  • Removed ‘Show gravatars’ setting (gravatars are now honoured when using the built-in WordPress discussion setting).
  • Removed ‘Comments to the right’ option.
  • Removed ‘Show projects on dashboard’ option.
  • Removed ‘Enable file icons’ option.
  • Removed ‘Toggle attachments view’ option.
  • Removed ‘Show users in report’ option (now always on).
  • Removed ‘Show completed tasks in report’ option (now always on).
  • Removed legacy ‘support’ and ‘report’ pages that are no longer required.
  • Removed ‘Dashboard’ from pages nav.
  • Removed ‘Extend Task Rocket’ admin dashboard widget.
  • Removed ‘Administrators mark tasks as complete’ option (now always allowed).