mossPlease be advised that a bug which miraculously escaped beta testing scrutiny in v3.0 (since fixed) caused the update functionality to fail.

This means that the only way to continue to get updates is to download the theme and upload it over top of the existing one. Once you’ve done that updates will continue to work as usual.

How to download your copy of Task Rocket

Simply login to this website and go to the downloads page. Then download your copy of Task Rocket, unzip it, and upload it (via FTP) over top of the existing directory (wp-content/themes/taskrocket) to replace all the existing files.

I’m admittedly a little embarrassed that this bug slipped past all the testing, but luckily it’s only a couple of minutes of inconvenience to sort it out.

If you want to berate me over this feel free to DM me at @TaskRocketeer.

Otherwise, thanks for being a good sport!