Task Rocket has been updated to version 4.7.9 and includes a few minor updates, and at the same time Task Groups has been updated to 3.4.4 which fixes an issue that was recently reported.

The Task Rocket updates are:

  1. Fixed issue where task relations would appear in Task Groups.
  2. Improved monospace font support.
  3. Admin presentation fix.

…but for the purposes of this article only points 1 and 2 are worth discussing.

1: Fixed issue where task relations would appear in Task Groups.

Task Relations were never meant to part of Task Groups, and now this is fixed and no longer appear when creating a new Task Group item. There’s a good technical reason for this that is hard to explain, but I’ll attempt to anyway.

Basically when you create a relationship between tasks, the relationship is referenced by a unique task ID (or Post ID in the context of WordPress). And if you were able to create a Task Group item that has a relationship with another task, every time you deployed a new project with a Task Group that contained tasks with relationships, the tasks that contain relationships will likely end up being related to tasks that no longer exist (because the unique IDs of the related tasks actually existed in an earlier project and have since been deleted or marked complete).

With this in mind, task relationships within task groups are ultimately useless and have on place being part of the UX when creating task group items.

2) Improved monospace font support.

Previously when content was captured from the ‘Additional Information’ textarea when creating a new task, all additional whitespace was being stripped out before going into the database. This has created a small but legitimate problem for a small set if users, but was also easy enough for me to offer a solution that doesn’t affect everyone else.

Some quick research revealed that WordPress 4.7 introduced the sanitize_textarea_field() which still preserves new line characters but also honours whitespace properly. This new function now replaces the old function that was built into Task Rocket, so now if you were to paste in a log from an application that has monospacing such as Putty on Windows or Terminal on a Mac for example, all the original whitespace will be honoured making it much easier to read.

There’s one small caveat though – because Task Rocket doesn’t use a monospace variant of the Roboto font, you’ll need to target the selectors and specify a suitable monospace font with your own custom CSS file. Luckily this is a very easy process. Follow these instructions and use this CSS:
/* Monospaced font for Task Rocket */
.additional-info pre,
.fright textarea,
.all-tasks-list pre {
    white-space: pre-wrap;
    font-family: Courier New, Courier, monospace;

Here’s before and after:

It’s a small but still excellent addition, and kudos goes to Lingeswaran at Unix Arena for the suggestion.

The Task Groups author issue has been fixed

It appears the ability to give a Task Group item an owner broke in the previous update. This has now been rectified. While I realise you could still assign an owner from the Quick Edit interface, it still wasn’t very convenient. My bad for not noticing sooner.

If you have any comments about this update, you know where to find me.