The promise was for this week, wasn’t it? You can now check your update notifications in WordPress admin and update to the latest version 4.7.

If you’re among the beta testers you won’t receive any notification but that’s cool, because you’re running the same version that was launched a few moments ago. Props to everyone who gave feedback during the testing phase. You’re all superstars.

So what’s new? The full changelog reads:

  • Specify unique hourly rates on projects.
  • Toggle to show/hide completed projects in nav.
  • Specify task relationships.
  • New admin setting: Disable task relations.
  • Cache buster on main style sheet.
  • New status column on My Tasks page.
  • Better font rendering with fonts now being served from Google CDN (with Latin extended support).
  • Pages pane now remembers view state when open.
  • Filter report tasks by user.
  • Dedicated page for claiming unowned tasks.
  • Consistent cost rounding to two decimal places.
  • Recent comments moved into left pane.
  • More obvious feedback when a task is overdue.
  • First draft Polish language translation (theme only).
  • Catalan translation updates.
  • Presentation tweaks.
  • Print style improvements.
  • Minor UX improvements.
  • Fixed issue where front-end presentation preferences were not honoured consistently on all pages.
  • Fixed rare fatal error on mini chart.
  • Fixed issue where filter view state was not being honoured.
  • Fixed malformed HTML on welcome modals.
  • Fixed recent comments issue on dashboard.
  • Fixed mini chart presentation issue on small screens.
  • Fixed modal toggle issue when creating new task from project page.
  • Fixed incorrect outstanding tasks count on report.
  • Fixed bug where incorrect task status would show in notifications.
  • Fixed bug where ‘Completed’ column in email report was empty.
  • Removed ‘welcome to’ from login page.
  • Added chrome extension advice on welcome modals.

The most significant new features are Task Relations and the ability to specify a unique hourly rate on any given project. For more information on how Task Relations work, read the official FAQ on the subject.

The following add-ons have also been updated. Although only Kanban has additional functionality, they have all been modified to take advantage of the improved font rendering.

  • Task Follow 1.2.2
  • Client Control 3.3.1
  • Gantt 1.3.1
  • Kanban 1.7.1 (now also supports the new Task Relations feature)

What do you think about this release? Send me a message or leave a comment below. Always remember that any feedback you have, good or bad, is helpful as it helps drive the direction of the product.

Happy tasking!