Well this took longer than expected, but I’m still happy to report that v4.7 will launch this week.

It’s in the hands of a few testers at the moment and it appears to be going well. I’ve squashed a few bugs and added some often requested features.

So what’s new? The full changelog reads:

  • Specify unique hourly rates on projects *.
  • Toggle to show/hide completed projects in nav.
  • Specify task relationships.
  • New admin setting: Disable task relations.
  • Cache buster on main style sheet.
  • New status column on My Tasks page *.
  • Better font rendering with fonts now being served from Google CDN (with Latin extended support) *.
  • Pages pane now remembers view state when open *.
  • Filter report tasks by user *.
  • Dedicated page for claiming unowned tasks *.
  • Consistent cost rounding to two decimal places.
  • Recent comments moved into left pane.
  • More obvious feedback when a task is overdue *.
  • First draft Polish language translation (theme only).
  • Catalan translation updates.
  • Presentation tweaks.
  • Print style improvements.
  • Minor UX improvements.
  • Fixed issue where front-end presentation preferences were not honoured consistently on all pages.
  • Fixed rare fatal error on mini chart.
  • Fixed issue where filter view state was not being honoured.
  • Fixed malformed HTML on welcome modals.
  • Fixed recent comments issue on dashboard.
  • Fixed mini chart presentation issue on small screens.
  • Fixed modal toggle issue when creating new task from project page.
  • Fixed incorrect outstanding tasks count on report.
  • Fixed bug where incorrect task status would show in email notifications *.
  • Fixed bug where ‘Completed’ column in email report was empty.
  • Removed ‘welcome to’ from login page.
  • Added chrome extension advice on welcome modals.

Note: * indicates a feature request or bug that was fixed after being reported by a customer.

Other minor additions

The following add-ons have also been updated. Although only Kanban has additional functionality, they have all been modified to take advantage of the improved font rendering.

  • Task Follow 1.2.2
  • Client Control 3.3.1
  • Gantt 1.3.1
  • Kanban 1.7.1

The other Kanban add-on improvement is the ability to view Task Relations.

You should get update prompts in WP Admin soon.