Things are moving faster than I expected, despite the fact I had to rewrite every single query within the system and a bunch of other functions that relied on them. I would expect the theme to be ready to go into the hands of beta testers in about a week, assuming no unexpected roadblocks appear.

While they are busy scrutinising, I’ll be modifying the add-ons to work within the new system.

This v4 release has no specific roadmap, and the main intention has been to allow for task statuses which in turn gets around some long-standing limitations and also opens up more possibilities. And while that is happening I’m also tweaking and squashing bugs as I go along.

Here’s the changelog so far, bearing in mind this is not final:

  • Task statuses (complete, incomplete, in progress and on hold).
  • Search now returns results with queries based on project names and job numbers.
  • Fixed issue of automatic job numbers not working when creating a new project in the back-end.
  • Fixed issue where the unassigned label was not displaying in some areas.
  • Fixed issue where WP 4.5 update broke the admin date-picker when editing a project.
  • Deleting a project will now move any associated tasks into the trash (which can be restored).
  • Projects page now indicates how many tasks are in progress.
  • You can now delete a task from details page.
  • Add comments to completed tasks.
  • New setting to specify how often WordPress will empty the trash.
  • Minor UX/UI tweaks.

Exciting time – stay tuned!