What’s new in this version? A couple of new features, some user interface updates and some bugs have been squashed.

The thing you will notice the most is the user interface for tasks has been cleaned up significantly. As the app has evolved and features were added over time, it became increasingly difficult to place some of the user interface elements in a way that made sense while remaining aesthetically pleasing. The solution in v2.7 and going forward was to move most of the information into a new ‘task bar’ which looks cleaner and is easy to scan at a glance.

Additionally there is a new option in Task Rocket settings that lets you decide to have the attachment shown by default, or if you prefer to toggle their view state with a click/tap.


Anyhoo, the full changelog reads as follows:

  1. Reassigned tasks now show who the previous owner was.
  2. Completed tasks now show date completed.
  3. Reports now show the date tasks were completed.
  4. Tasks now show number of attached files.
  5. New setting to have attachments shown or hidden by default.
  6. Added presentation setting for increasing UI vividness.
  7. Added new option to allow unowned tasks.
  8. Improved colour distinction between low and normal priority.
  9. Fixed logic bug where project cost was output twice for administrators.
  10. Fixed missing tab task counts bug.
  11. Simple dashboard stats now shows the same info as enhanced dashboard stats.
  12. Front-end and back-end user interface improvements.

Download from the usual place, and as always feedback (good or bad) is not only welcome but massively appreciated. It’s what helps direct¬†the future of the product.