It’s here – finally – and I can hardly believe it myself! Better late than never, right?

Task Rocket 4 is a significant upgrade. So much that if you’re upgrading from a previous version of Task Rocket you’ll need to also run the Converter plugin to update your database for V4 compatibility. If this affects you, I’ve prepared a simple guide to get you through it (hint: it only takes a minute). If you want to know why this is necessary, there’s a very good explanation.

That said, if you’re starting fresh from version 4, there’s no need to use the Converter plugin.

So what’s new? A bunch of stuff actually, with the most notable items being the ability for tasks to have a status (this had been requested by several users), everything is translation ready (some languages included and more coming soon), and support for two new add-ons: Gannt and Comment Notify.

The full Task Rocket v4 changelog reads:

  • Task statuses (complete, incomplete, in progress and on hold).
  • Theme is now translation ready.
  • Search now returns results with queries based on project names and job numbers.
  • Significantly improved notification options.
  • Fixed issue of automatic job numbers not working when creating a new project in the back-end.
  • Fixed issue where the unassigned label was not displaying.
  • Fixed issue where WP 4.5 update broke the admin date-picker when editing a project.
  • Fixed issue of incorrect cost being displayed for some projects on All Active Projects page.
  • Fixed wrong date on recent comments on dashboard.
  • Fixed issue where email notifications were saying a public task was private.
  • Fixed issue where priority radio button was not showing current priority on task page.
  • Fixed presentation issue on dashboard message for small screens.
  • Fixed previous owner logic issue.
  • Fixed issue where user profile would not load into pane.
  • Fixed issue were add-on version detection was only working when license was activated.
  • Fixed issue where some details would not get saved when creating project on front-end.
  • Fixed typos.
  • Removed ‘Show team activity on dashboard’ option (may come back at a later date).
  • Deleting a project will now move any associated tasks into the trash (which can be restored in WP Admin).
  • Removed several presentation settings and made them user preferences instead.
  • Users can now set new preferences when editing their account.
  • Projects page now indicates how many tasks are in progress.
  • You can now delete a task on the front-end (which can be restored in WP Admin).
  • You can now add comments to and interact with completed tasks.
  • You can now taken ownership of un-owned tasks with a single click.
  • Projects can now be archived (instead of just deleting them).
  • Added support for Gantt add-on.
  • Added support for Comment Notify add-on.
  • Added recent comments on dashboard.
  • New setting to specify how often WordPress will empty the trash.
  • New setting to let project managers change the status of any task.
  • Main projects navigation pane header changed to ‘Projects’ (was previously the website name).
  • Task Rocket RSS feed dashboard widget in admin.
  • Improved notification in admin when add-on is incompatible with current theme version.
  • Added new filters to report: On Hold, In Progress.
  • Removed ‘github’ field from user profile (too industry specific).
  • Several bugs squashed.
  • Minor UX/UI tweaks and enhancements.

Changing the subject back to add-ons for a moment, Client Control has also received a significant update including one particularly popular feature request: The ability to add clients to multiple projects.

The Client Control changelog reads:

  • Translation ready.
  • Give clients access to multiple projects.
  • New setting: Let clients create job numbers on new tasks.
  • New setting: Let clients edit tasks.
  • New metabox to allow clients access to specified pages.
  • New admin column to indicate which pages can be accessed by clients.
  • Fixed issue where “Let clients create tasks” setting relied on “Let users create tasks” dependency.
  • Presentation tweaks.

WordPress should be nagging you to update already. You can update in the back-end or alternatively login to this website and download your packages.

As always, feedback – good or bad – is not only welcomed but encouraged.

Bon appétit!