I’ve been wanting to add this feature for some time now, and after a whole lot of R&D and failed experiments, I think I’ve found a good balance between usability and performance.

Time Tracking is finally a reality, or at least it will be with the release of version 1.9 which I hope to be within the next couple of weeks.

So far the functionality is about 85% done, and after that it’ll be the presentation tweaks and final testing.

So how will it work?

A new setting (for Project Managers/Administrators only) will allow you to specify your company hourly rate, which will be used help you keep an eye on costs…


…and you’ll be able to specify if all time logged must be in hourly increments or not.

Projects have been expanded to allow for start and end dates, additional information for risks, mitigation strategy, contingency plans etc, and the number of hours allocated to the project.

Time is logged against tasks by anyone involved with the project, and is as easy as entering the time you’ve spent on the task into the new Log Time field at any time. Tasks will show the total hours that have been spent on each respectively. When you log time, it automatically get’s added to the previous total. So if you’d already spent 1 hr on the task and later added 2 more hrs, the total time spent on the task so far is 3 hrs.


The All Active Projects page, and the individual projects pages will both display the project start date, end date, time allocated, time used so far, time remaining, and any additional information you’ve entered into the description and additional information fields.

Projects that have passed their due date or allocated hours will show a warning. Only a Project Manager or Administrator will be able to make changes here.

So for users it’s pretty straight forward – log any time you’ve made on a task and the system will take care of the rest.

As always, your feedback is welcome and encouraged.

tr-1.9-a tr-1.9-b